Dec 14, 2016

5 tips & tricks to transform the aesthetics of your home

Hello there winter! We’ve been expecting you. The holiday season is right at the door, and we all want our homes to look their best. The countdown until the great Christmas holiday begins December 15. Both the inside and the outside of our houses need a makeover; a change in aesthetics and general décor. This season, some trends have changed, whereas others have remained the same. What do we need to do to give our homes that eternal merry allure to make our loved ones get into the holiday spirit? Let us have a closer look at 5 amazing home décor tips and tricks.
1.   All-natural Christmas tree

Potted Christmas trees are the newest trend of the season. It is an opportunity for homeowners to bring more greenery into their homes, and make their loved ones forget about the freezing cold from outside. Since potted trees demand a lot of care and attention, you are advised to keep arrangements to a minimum. A few Christmas globes here and there, and LED lights that don’t heat up should be enough. Focus on the area under the tree. Place fresh oranges in a nice green bowl, and give your home a merry allure that’s cosy and welcoming.

2.   All eyes on a scented home

Sometimes the best way to change a home’s aesthetics is to change the way it smells around the holidays. When it comes to Christmas, atmosphere is everything. Your loved ones will want to walk into a living room that smells like pine, orange, and cinnamon. Invest in scented candles, and make sure they’re always lit. A great DIY approach is to place a kettle filled with water on the stove. Add some slices of orange to the mix, and light it up. Let the blend boil for a few minutes, and your home will have that merry, flavoured holiday scent everyone craves for.
3.   Go crazy on DIY projects

Some people love to make their own Christmas decorations, especially families with kids. Crafting Christmas tree decorations, changing the décor with fluffy linens and scented candles, and personalizing the area around the tree is the newest trend of the season. Wrap up gifts in your preferred colour combo, and use the exact same type of box for every present. Consistency matters a lot when it comes to home décor. Too much colour can do more harm than good to your home design. If you don’t want to have too much colour blends ruining the décor, we recommend wrapping gifts all the same. This season, we’re crazy about hues of gold and red. Make your gifts look amazing and have them wrapped up nicely for Christmas.

4.   Front foyer

Make your home elegant from the entryway and impress your loved ones with the most beautifully decorated front foyer. Play with colour and decide on a holiday pattern. We recommend natural green and white for the entryway. Real pine decorations are the best. Place them around the porch, attach them to the side table on the hallway, and adorn them with discreet lights or candles. Your guests will be welcomed from the moment they walk into your home.
5.   Linens, rugs and throw pillows

Christmas time is the perfect time of the year to adorn your home with quality linens. Choose fluffy throw pillows in hues of green, gold and white. Invest in a fluffy rug with holiday accents and patterns, and place warm blankets by the fireplace. Ambiance is everything, and you want to your loved ones to feel warm and cosy when sipping eggnog near the Christmas tree and singing carols, right?

There are hundreds of different ways to decorate a home for the holidays. Settle on a budget, and let the adventure begin. If you want to make an impression, choose the best wallpaper fabric and place it on one of your living room’s walls. Deep red with golden stripes is an excellent choice. Transform the aesthetics of your hour into a magical Christmas land, and the kids will love it. Get them involved in the process, and you’ll spend a memorable holiday that everyone will cherish for a lifetime. 

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