Dec 13, 2016

5 Asian-Inspired Home Designs You Should Try Out

In Singapore,an HDB flat and apartment units that features an Asian-inspired home design is common as an Asian-style interiors stimulates serenity and tranquil calm, perfect for people who has a fast-paced urban lifestyle.

An Asian-inspired space features simple elegance and minimalistic tones.  This kind of interior exudes peace and tranquility in one’s humble abode. Accomplish harmony and balance to your space by becalming the following Asian-inspired designs into your humble abode.

Traditional Japanese Style

A Japanese style revolves around the clean and uncluttered living, which promotes balance, order, and ancient customs. One of the key features of a Japanese style is the love of the nature. Place Japanese plants, such as bamboo and bonsai to provide a Japanese cultural touch in your space. Expansive windows, sliding doors, and accent of bamboo and wood are some of the key elements in a traditional Japanese style interior.

Moreover, chabudai, a short-legged dining table, is common in a Japanese home or Japanese-inspired space.  
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Chinoiserie, a French term means Chinese-esque, a European interpretation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions. It is also a representation of fanciful Chinese influences through intricate and imaginary designs. The whimsical designs and drawings are often found and embedded on cabinets, porcelain objects, walls, and paintings. Incorporate Chinoiserie in your humble abode by placing decorative arts, garden design, and porcelain objects, such as jar and bottle in your room.

Indian Theme

Rich color and exquisite texture are the key elements of an Indian design, making it exotic elegant. Indian-inspired design is known for its fine silks and other textiles, often used in pillows, wall hangings, and other home decors. Indian furniture is often made out of exotic woods, such as ebony, rosewood, and teak. Animal motifs are also common in Indian home décor because animals play an essential role in the Hindu religion. Moreover, an Indian-inspired home is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also promotes health and wellbeing since Hindi statues are prevalent in Indian interior design. Such statue promotes beauty, order, and peace in the house.
Korean Theme  

Natural wood elements and plenty of sunlight are some of the key elements in a Korean-inspired home. Just like the Japanese style, Korean theme also focuses on using minimal elements and leaving the rest of a space clean and clutter free. Korean style also focuses on Earth colors and wooden furniture, creating a cozy atmosphere in the room.
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Modern Design

When we say Asian-inspired home design, it is not limited to Japanese and Chinese designs only. In fact, you can add an element of Asia with the colors and materials you choose. Wooden furniture, a touch of bamboo, or even wooden accents in the exterior would be a great option when making your home exudes a modern Asian look.
Nothing seems quite relaxing as an Asian-inspired home design. Incorporate natural wood elements, natural lighting, simple greenery, and modern furnishings to see little touches of Zen in your humble abode. Moreover, in order to achieve this home style, mimic the Asian elements mentioned above. Which Asian-inspired home designs is your favorite?

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