Dec 12, 2016

Buy Contemporary, Modern or Traditional Sisal Rugs from Floorspace

A rug can instantly change the look and feel of the room and transform it into a cozy and warm little corner. When it comes to rug buying the options are practically limitless, right from the color to texture, shape and size.

The trend nowadays is to opt for a more environment friendly rugs which are safe for kids and pets, lasts longer and does not cost a fortune. Among various types of natural rugs, sisal stands out for its durability. Unlike jute, sisal is not soft to touch, however it makes up in durability what it lacks in texture.
Sisal rugs, carpets and mats have been in use for a long period of time. The plant owes it origin to the semi-arid regions of Mexico, from where it found its way into Europe. A sisal plant looks quite similar to a palm tree with long harp leaves. Once the plants are ready the leaves are pounded and the fiber is obtained leaving behind the soft flesh. The fiber is then combed, dried and pressed into long threads. Today Tanzania and Brazil are biggest manufacturers of sisal products. Sisal rugs come in different shape, size and pattern, however their beauty lies in the fact that they are neutral enough to blend with any design or decor.

Sisal rugs have a tough texture, which makes them ideal for high traffic area like corporate buildings or doorways of apartments. Sisal rugs usually last for years and are more durable than any other type of rugs like jute or hemp. Another big advantage of using sisal rugs depends on the fact that sisal does not trap dust particles like other natural fibers, which is why it does not build residue over time. Sisal rugs have a beautiful creamy peach color; however they can be dyed in various other colors as per your requirements.

Floorspace is one of the leading suppliers of high quality sisal rugs in Australia. As a company they have the rare reputation of supplying carpets and rugs in oriental as well as contemporary style. The rugs and carpets come in a variety of shape, size and designs at a very affordable price. Besides excellent quality materials, Floorspace offers a seamless customer service, around the clock which makes them a trustworthy name in the business.

Sisal rugs have a great amount of diversity. They can be combined with cotton to create intricate patterns and designs. Apart from being a thing of beauty a well made sisal rug often plays a big role in protecting the floor beneath the rug. You can buy this affordable, yet elegant piece of home furnishing and increase the beauty and comfort of your room.

At Floorspace you can take advantage of their competitive rates and order a custom made rug with your own design. Besides the design, you can also customize the shape, size and color of the rug and be a proud owner of your own creation.

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