Dec 20, 2016

Heating and Cooling Tips to Stay Warm in the Winter

During winter it is usually freezing, and that’s why it’s very important for everyone to keep warm to avoid getting sick. One of the most important ways to keep warm is by keeping the house warm so that one does not feel cold. During winter most people are more concerned on warming the house and they tend to forget that when the house is too warm it lacks proper circulation of air. It is important to cool the house too for proper circulation of air and keeping warm at the same time. It is important that the room is at a moderate temperature. Here are some of the ways to maintain the moderate temperature of a house.

Heating tips

1.    Have a hot beverage to keep warm
Taking a hot beverage raises your body temperature hence keeping you warm. It is also important to have a hot drink dressed warmly since hot drinks make you sweat and if the sweat evaporates you starts freezing. One should keep warm by wearing warm clothes like jackets, scarfs, gloves and socks since the house may be warm, but without warming yourself too you may not retain the warmth throughout the night.

2.    Use heavy curtains to stop heat from escaping

During the day the house is usually warm and gets very cold at night thus it is important to use warm curtains that will help retain the warmness of the house even at night since most of the heat from the house escapes through uncovered windows.

3.    Seal up gaps and cracks

In a home there may be other ventilations apart from doors and windows, which let cold air in hence the house does not retain its warmth. You could, therefore, close some of these ventilations using weather stripping in order to retain heat in the rooms and be warm. The floor of the house is also usually cold so one could use carpets to warm the floor and one will not feel cold when stepping on the floor.

4.    Close rooms that are not in use

In a house, there could be rooms that are not used always and therefore there is no need to warm these rooms. It is easier to retain the warmth of a room by keeping the room enclosed so that heat doesn’t escape. It makes it simple for air to circulate quickly and keeping you

5.    Let it shine

During the day the sun rises, therefore, it is important to open the windows and curtains so that the ultraviolet radiations get into the house and warm up the room. Once the house is warm during the day it retains that warm throughout the night so you don’t feel so cold at night.

Cooling tips

6.    Open windows

It is important to leave windows open when going to sleep so that you leave space for cool air to come in and provide a proper circulation of air. A lot of warm air could lead to suffocation since fresh air is not getting in where it could later lead to slower death.

7.    Use ventilations and fans

When warming a house it is important to leave some of the ventilations open on so that fresh air can get in and the warm air can leave. Fans can also be important when it gets so warm and there isn’t proper circulation of air.

8.    Adjust the temperature

If you are using the heater or thermostat it is important to adjust the temperature so that the room does not become so hot hence no circulation. Therefore you should keep adjusting the temperature after a while so that the room heats and also cools a little for comfortability.

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