Dec 24, 2016

6 Simple Tips to Choose the Best Bedroom Furniture

Decorating a room can be a lot of fun. Though, there’s also a lot of challenges.

You need to find a way to provide a combination of function and style. And, it all starts with the furniture that you choose.

In the bedroom, your main pieces include the bed, dressers, and end tables. This is where you should begin your search. You start with the foundation, which is the main furniture in the room, and then add décor.
This also makes the selection of furniture the most important part of decorating. The eye is naturally drawn to the furniture.

So, if you’re looking for ways to redecorate your bedroom, take a moment to review these 6 simple tips.

#1 – Measure Your Bedroom and Then Measure Again

You should always know how much space you have available to work with. Measure your bedroom and then measure it again. Write your measurements on a piece of paper or use an app on your phone.

Once you’ve got the measurements, draw your room on a piece of paper. This should be easy if your room is rectangular. Draw 1 inch for every 4 feet. Every ¼ inch represents one foot.

You can then get an idea of how furniture fits in your space. You can find out how big a bed is or how wide a dresser is. You may even find that your old arrangement isn’t the most efficient use of space.

#2 – Consider the Overall Style You Want to Achieve

It’s a good idea to begin planning the style you want for your bedroom. Do you want a contemporary look? Do you prefer art deco? These are considerations that will help you with the selection process.

In fact, you can often find bedroom sets with matching furniture. This simplifies the process even further.

#3 – Decide on the Color Scheme for Your Bedroom

The next step is to decide on the color scheme for your bedroom. Choosing the right color requires thought. Most people choose soft, warm colors, as they are the most relaxing. This includes light blues and greens.

If you know what types of colors you want, you can start looking for bedroom furniture that compliments these colors. For example, certain types of woods work better with certain colors. With lighter colors, you may want a light wood.

#4 – Try to Find Old Furniture to Repurpose

You don’t necessarily need to purchase new furniture to redecorate your bedroom. You can repurpose old furniture. You can find old dressers that need a little care or old bedframes to go with new mattresses and a headboard.

Repurposing old furniture may require a little extra work, but it can be worth the effort. You could end up saving money on the entire project. Yard sales and second-hand stores are great places to browse for old furniture that can be repurposed.

Look for furniture that matches your style. Just because it has a few dents or scratches doesn’t mean the furniture is useless. You could sand and refinish the furniture or go with a distressed look.

#5 – Don’t Forget About Additional Furniture

It’s easy to remember that your bedroom needs a bed and possibly a dresser or bedside table. But, there are other pieces of furniture that you could consider adding to the room.

For example, do you have space for a desk? How about a couple of chairs? Increasing the function of your bedroom may be an option if you have a large enough room.

Also, if you’ve drawn out the layout of your bedroom, you can try different furniture positions to see if you could maximize space.

#6 – Consider Your Budget and the Quality of the Furniture

The final tip is to remember to consider your budget and the actual quality of the furniture. Before you even start shopping, you should decide how much you want to spend. It’s easy to end up spending a fortune on a few pieces of furniture.

So, set a budget and stick to it. Don’t forget to include additional items in this budget. You may want to add matching drapes and other accessories to complete the look of the room.

Along with your budget, pay attention to the quality of the furniture. When you spend less, you may have to sacrifice quality. Decide on the importance of quality. If you spend a little extra, the furniture may last longer.

Whether you’re giving an old room a new look or moving into a new place, use these tips. Start by measuring the room. You need to know how much space you have. Also, don’t forget to shop around and get different ideas.

You don’t need to choose all your bedroom furniture at once. Redecorating can be a process. If you do not immediately find the furniture that you want, start with one piece and work from there.

For example, if you find a bed that you love, don’t worry if you can’t find matching end tables right now. Remember, you’re just building the foundation.

Take your time and make sure you find the right furniture for your bedroom.

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