Dec 13, 2016

Is A Flat Roof the Right Option For You?

In many instances you will not have an option regarding the roof on your property.  Whether it is flat, sloped or even made of soil it will already be in place and you may not even give it much thought until you have an issue which needs repairing.  Even if it needs repairing, you will simply repair the existing structure.  However, if it needs replacing or you are starting an extension, or even a new build, you have the option to choose the right roof for your needs.  It is at this point you will need to talk to professional flat roofing contractors King Koating Roofing; they can help advice you regarding the right option for your project and even install it to an exceptionally high standard.

There are several factors to consider when debating about the merits of a flat roof:

The first thing to note is that a properly installed flat roofing system will provide as good a drainage system as any sloped roof; this is because flat roofs are actually very slightly sloped.  In general the cost of fitting a flat roof to your property is substantial cheaper than the more traditional sloped and tiled roof.  A flat roof consists of a wooden frame which sits on top of the walls; it is much less wood than a sloped roof which requires two frames.  You then need a waterproof membrane and several layers of flat roofing.  The cost of these materials is generally much cheaper and less are required than an equivalent sloped roof.


Whilst time may not be an important factor, it is much quicker to put a flat roofing system onto a building than it is to create the frame for a tiled roof.  Although simpler and faster to create this type of roof can offer the same level of protection as any other roofing system.


A flat roof, if properly constructed, will provide an additional space which can be used by you and your family.  Of course you will need to consider this before you start your project as it may need thicker support struts and potentially additionally cross structures.  The average flat roofing membrane is strong enough and robust enough to support foot traffic without dramatically reducing its durability.  However, there are other materials which you can use to improve the resistance of the roof material to the constant movement of feet across it.

Creating an additional space can be an excellent incentive to create a flat roofing system; especially if you already have a limited amount of outside space.  In fact, in the right place, it can even offer a private viewing platform!


Surprisingly a flat roofing system can add aesthetical appeal to certain buildings, particularly in the right location.  It is important to consider the style of the buildings around you; if you are creating a new structure you will need to ensure it is in keeping with the other buildings in the area; this may limit the size of a flat roof but not the potential it offers.

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