Aug 20, 2014

Wax or Lacquer for Wooden Floor Finish

When it comes to flooring, wood is one of the most preferred options. Wooden floors fit any kind of interior and give a beautiful touch to a place. To look even better and to make sure it is provided with the right care to last longer, a wooden floor needs to have a finish. There are a few types of wooden floor finishes, the most popular among which are wax and lacquer. Both options have several advantages and disadvantages, which often make household owners dwell between the two types and wonder which one is better. If you are in the same situation right now and you're trying to figure out which type of finish you should apply on your wooden floor, here is more information about wax finish and lacquer finish that will definitely give you a hand.
Here are the pros and cons of both wax and lacquer finishes and which one you should choose for your flooring at home kindly presented by Hire House Cleaner London.

Lacquer Finish

Lacquer finish is durable and easy to maintain. Wooden floors with a lacquer finish are easy to clean, which is definitely a great advantage. When it comes to lacquer finish, there are two options available – matte, gloss and oil effect, as the last one gives a wooden floor a more natural look. Compared to wax, lacquer protects the wooden floor in a different way by creating a barrier on the surface of the wood. Lacquer finish is faster in drying, which makes it a good solution for places that need urgent completion and faster results. The best quality of lacquer finish is the fact that it wants little maintenance.

One of the biggest disadvantages of lacquer is the fact that the protective layer it creates is approximately flexible, which means that scratches on the wood are easier to occur. If a sharp object is dropped on this type of finish, ugly scratches are usually left on the surface. Also, if not cleaned regularly, lacquer finish stops protecting the wooden floor, which then starts to look grey from the dust. This is especially popular in areas on the floor that are less visible or harder to access, such as under furniture. Another disadvantage of lacquer is that applying it is not an easy task at all and requires professional assistance.


Wax finishes prevent moist from soaking through the wood and allows it to breathe. This type of finish is also better in terms of natural look of the wood, as it doesn't alter the original look of the wood but only improves it a bit. You can choose between mat and satin effect, both of which help make the wood look warmer and saturate the colour. One of the most essential advantages of wax finish is convenience it gives when applying. It is very easy to apply a wax finish and it doesn't require professional help, as basically anyone can do it when using the right tools. Wax finish is also much more durable and resistant to abrasive moves. Even if a small damage appears on the finish, it is very easy to fix with the use of some more wax in the affected area.

A disadvantage of wax finish is the fact that it requires much more effort to maintain than lacquer. There are some brands that offer cleaning and maintenance products; that are specially designed for wax finish on wooden floors. However, it still takes more time and effort to clean and take good care of it. Another weak side of wax is its need to apply a new finish on the floor every once in a while, about once or twice a year, depending on the traffic.

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