Aug 7, 2014

Enhance Your Décor with Natural Stone Features

Current trends in interior design suggest the use of different natural elements, and natural stone features are no exception, as they allow us to have truly amazing interiors. All it takes is a bit of creativity and imagination and you can create some stunning, unique designs within your home. Here’s what you should know about them.

If you are considering the use of natural stone in your home, first you need to learn about some of its benefits over other materials. Whether you decide on limestone, sandstone, slate, coral stone, travertine or marble (or a skillful combination of these organic materials), you will be provided with an earthy feel and completely natural appearance, so their beautiful and rich texture will always look captivating. 

Apart from their durability and easy upkeep, natural stones come in a huge variety of materials, so they can fit practically any budget and style. They are also known for their eco-friendliness and excellent sound insulation properties. 

Natural stone can be used for various applications within your home, enabling you to achieve the most spectacular effects. For instance, you can enhance your kitchen, bathroom or living room with a range of stone products, such as countertops, wall-cladding or marble tiles and stones.

Whether you prefer a charming old world look or a clean modern feel for you interior, a careful selection of stone products from high quality sources willmake for impressive stone features that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also built to last.

Expert Advice
Following some handy pieces of advice will help you get even more out of your natural stone features. Skillful selection lighting, for example, will enhance the gorgeous texture of stone, while you can give your stone surfaces a warmer feel if you combine them with timber, rugs, pillows and knitted poufs and throws. By the same token, stone and plants are bound to look great together as this is a union invented by our mother nature.

Adding some bright accents with the use of warm colors will make the spaceappear more inviting and cheerful, whereas highlighting seams with different colors will certainly accentuate dynamic patterns of natural stone. This technique should be used especially if you use stones of varyingshapes and sizes because this will enhance the effect even further. Check out this page for inspiration.

If you use different types of stones to decorate a large area this will certainly add spark to your design and make it more appealing.For more extraordinary look you could try exposing areas of interesting shapes, particularly if these are located close to the ceiling, since this will give you a completely natural feel, in addition to creating an atmosphere of an intimate, cozy alcove.

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