Aug 23, 2014

Getting the Decor Look You want with Cushions

Throw or scatter cushions are right up there amongst the most versatile and useful items of home decor. Easily taken for granted, we often forget their impact when it comes to introducing a new look or pulling together a colour scheme. Regardless of the style of the room, well placed and coordinated scatter cushions add the finishing touch to any look. If you’ve never considered how valuable an aid to home decor they are, here are a few tips.

Practical Cushions

According to House and Garden we should use cushions for display purposes as well as for sitting comfortably. They suggest tying scarves around them as a way to not only dress up the cushion, but to showcase the scarf too. Scatter cushions are also wonderful for softening hard edges, such as in window seats, and can add a feminine look to an otherwise masculine setting, such as when places against leather or propped up against the metal headboard of a bed.

Achieving a Modern Look

When grouping cushions go for odd numbers rather than even. Cushions grouped in threes or fives have a more modern edge than those grouped conventionally in pairs. Large cushions look more modern and cleaner than lots of smaller ones. Pattern-wise, stick to geometric blocks of colour rather than small or fancy prints, and if possible take colour inspiration from existing colour in the room, for instance by taking one colour from a piece of art and mirroring it in the cushion. If you’re apt to forget which colours are already in your room, take lots of photos on your smartphone and refer to it as you shop for accessories such as cushions.


The Traditional Look

Fabrics play an important part in creating the right mood and atmosphere in a room, and silks or velvets are lovely traditional fabrics to include in your cushions. Shape is important too, so include round cushions as well as square ones, mixing and matching for an informal look that’s inviting and cosy-looking. Trim such as edge piping or tassels also help give a more country or cottage feel, as do floral patterns rather than modern geometrics. Keep trim small and neat, saving more flamboyant trimmings for larger cushions. Adding in a throw or two, which Houzz suggests should be carefully corner folded, adds to the traditional look and helps create a welcoming atmosphere.

A Casual Mix and Match, Eclectic Look

Cushions are at their best when they don’t look too fussy. They should invite you to sit on them, lie against them, or stack them on the floor if that’s what takes your fancy. The very best way to achieve this relaxed look is to go for an eclectic mix of styles and shapes. Browsing selections such as those at will give you a great idea of what’s possible. Try going for different colours, fabrics and designs that you can swap around at will.

Switching the cushions in a room is the fastest way to change or add a pop of colour. It doesn’t cost much either, meaning everyone can easily update and freshen their decor.

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