Aug 26, 2014

Cheap Fixes to Boost the Value of Your Home

Yes, it is possible to get more money than you have invested when buying your home. If that weren’t possible, people could not make money by flipping homes, and you know that it is something a lot of people actually do for a living. The whole idea is to make the home more desirable and better looking while investing only what you really need to invest, thus cutting down the costs and getting more money for your lovely home because of the perks you made. Here are the things that you can do to make it wonderful and tempting for new buyers.

You cannot afford for your home to be cluttered with all sorts of things when you are trying to sell it to somebody who is seeing it for the first time. You cannot have your potential buyers tripping over toys, furniture, books and bags. The overall look of your home needs to be clean and open, letting the light in, showing the space and presenting the possibilities of making that place a place that somebody can turn into their home. They will not want to do that if it’s cluttered with somebody else’s stuff that looks like junk.

Paint Paint Paint
You really don’t need a lot of skills and a lot of money to repaint the house from the inside. A fresh coat of paint will hide the stains, imperfections, dull color and old dirt that cannot come off anymore and is there because of the old age. But just a fresh coat of color will make the walls shine once again and it will rejuvenate your house making it look clean and new. Be careful with the colors as you don’t want them to close down the space. Stay clear of the dark, intense and screaming colors and stick to white and pastel tones, possibly warm and cozy ones. They look inviting and nice and feel like home.

Refurbishing the Kitchen
Old kitchen cabinets and even chairs might need some work. This is something that you can do yourself, but you will need a couple of days. You need paint stripper, primer and paint. All grease must be removed from the cabinets before you start anything. You can go over the surfaces with sandpaper if you feel that it needs to be done and then you need to put some primer on it. Primer serves as a surface for the paint so that it hides the imperfections and makes sure that the paint is even everywhere. Then comes the paint that will be new and glossy and make the kitchen shine.

Extra Space
You will always get more money for three bedroom apartment than for the two bedroom apartment even if the surface is the same. Therefore, if there is any sort of possibility, you need to try and put some plaster walls making bigger rooms into two smaller ones. Plasteringis also a great idea when it comes to adding space! Or do the same and make room closets and the like. People are prepared to pay more for such perks.

Exterior Look
Imagine that the car is taking you to see the house you are about to buy, it stops in front of your new home and you see –what? Does your home looks like something that you would want to pay for when you look at it from the outside? First impressions are very important. They are what make all the difference and they can easily tip the scales to your advantage. So, go outside, take a good look and see what you can do to make it look appealing.

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