Aug 12, 2014

How to Feng Shui Your Home Office

Starting a home based business is a really exciting thing to do. It means that you get to organize everything about it and that you need to get creative, responsible and hard-working. The best part about it is that you get to make all the decisions yourself. Among the most fun decisions is how your home office is about to look like. However, home office design is not only fun but it is also very useful and it can help you make better business decisions, keep focused and feel better. All that can be achieved if you try and put some Feng Shui wisdom into your home office.

-          Although there are tons of rules and regulations about the Feng Shui in your office, there is also the fact from this same school of thought that each individual should make their own arrangement and that it is essential that the Feng Shui arrangement of the furniture feels good to you. This actually is one of the rules – it should go well with your energy, so don’t force yourself into something that you just don’t feel

-          There is no room for clutter in your home office. Those days are gone, because clutter only blocks the energy flows and that will definitely block you and your business consequently. Therefore, all the unnecessary things are out of the home office. Empty bottles, broken pens, old docs that nobody needs and the like. The stuff that you do need should be arranged and classified well so that the whole office looks orderly and well.

-          Just as good business needs support and solid base, Feng Shui rules suggest that this needs to be true for your home office design as well. Behind your central position where your desk is, you need a solid wall with a picture of a mountain on it or something just as strong and supportive. Energetically, in this way, you will have a solid base for your decisions and business.

-          There is a thing called Bagua map in Feng Shui. It is a nine field map of the home which shows which places are the best for which fields in life. The same map can be used for an office or even for your working desk so that you allow the certain energies to flourish and entice success in those areas.

-          Learn about the command position. That is the position where your desk should be. It is diagonally from the doors, but facing them. As it has already been said, a solid wall needs to be behind your back. Desk should never face another desk as that is considered a very bad Feng Shui

-          On the desk, you should keep a healthy plant in the pot. You can ask around and see which ones are considered to be money plants. The best place for them on the desk is the east side, and they can be in the red pot. They should absorb toxins from the air and make your business flourish. Red objects will do well and attract good energy when they are positioned in the south corner of the desk.

Here are just some of the tips that come to mind when it comes to making a perfect Feng Shui environment for your new  office interior design. There are many more, but as the first tips says – the most important thing is to make sure that your home office feels good to you and that it inspires you to work and create. Everything else can be taken care of easily. 

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