Aug 8, 2014

Safety Tips for Kitchen Fire Prevention

Every self -respecting lady spends a lot of time in kitchen to create the most delicious meals for the family. Even if you are not oriented towards cooking or if your busy working schedule does not allow you to devote your time to kitchen issues, you need to spend significant time in this room and by all means to use the oven at least twice per week. While you think that you are probably well familiar with all the cooking procedures, we can surprise you with the fact that when you pay attention to the preparing of your meal, you often underestimate other important details, like safety, that are of great importance for your health. Fire is one of the dangerous events that can contribute the cooking process so you need to be well prepared for this experience. However if you want to prevent it, you can take into account the following tips and the chances of causing a fire will be reduced to minimum.
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1.Cleaning of the hot plates
The cleaning of the cooking surfaces tends to be one very important preventive measure. Make sure that you have cleaned all of the spills and grease that have found their place on the hot place. Remember that even few minutes are enough for starting a fire, if you have concentrated on other activities away from your kitchen. Equip yourself with special cleaning products for your oven and clean everything precisely. In this way you will be absolutely sure that fire won't appear in your kitchen.

2.Install a smoke alarm in or near the kitchen
Installing a smoke button is suitable decision for preventing a serious fire in your kitchen. The alarms could also be installed on each level of the home, especially near sleeping areas. Take into account the fact that you should change the batteries of the smoke alarm each year and in addition to this you also need to test the efficiency of the button each month.

3.Keep away the kids
If you have kids that are interested in pushing every tiny button of the oven, you know what we mean. Do not leave small children all alone in the kitchen because they can be very creative when it comes to making menaces. Control their access to the kitchen because a fire can start more quickly that you can imagine.

4. Do not leave the kitchen premises when you are cooking
This condition should be strictly followed if you want to keep an eye on the cooking process and if you want to be absolutely sure that you won't stumble into your burning kitchen when you come back. Be very careful and pay attention to this detail – you can ask someone else to look for the meal while you are busy with other activities and we advise you to do this, because otherwise you risk your safety.

5.The question with microwaves
The microwaves should also be operated safely and we advise you to use pot holders whenever you remove food from them. The lids should also be removed carefully in order to avoid steam burns.

6.Make a fire escape plan
If you want to be fully prepared for the prevention of serious fire in your home we suggest you make a good fire escape plan – put the fire department number on your telephone and discuss with your relatives how you will get out from the house in case fire appears. Talk especially with the kids because in stressful situations they are likely to react in a more inadequate way.


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