Aug 16, 2014

Lawn Treatment Services Offer Natural Weed Control That’s Safe for Households with Children and Pets

Creating and maintaining impressive curb appeal is the desire of most homeowners. Reports reveal that an average American household is known to spend over $5,000 to maintain a perfectly manicured lawn. Five grand! That’s a lot of money. But these property owners believe that it’s all worth it; with a great looking garden or lawn, they can net in a lot of benefits such as higher market value for their property, extra useful space for the family, and of course, they have a growing patch of nature that’s a complete visual delight.

However, there are times when lawn maintenance can present some risks. The use of chemical fertilizers to encourage the healthy proliferation of grass and other plants, pesticides and weed killers typically means that the family will not be able to use the lawn for parties, picnics, and playtime with the kids and pets for some time. A lot of kids and animals, upon contact or exposure, tend to have an adverse reaction to these chemicals — some sneeze and wheeze, and then there are those who develop skin allergies.

Fortunately, there are lawn treatment services that offer non-toxic solutions for yard maintenance. They skip chemical-heavy tonics, repellents and weed control formulas because they want to offer other options, as well as allow their clients to be able to use their lawns for all sorts of activities anytime they want to.

Huntersville lawn care specialists, for example, use corn gluten meal for effective weed control. North Carolina homeowners do not have to worry about their children and pets being exposed to the substance because it’s completely safe. Corn gluten has proven to be 98 percent effective in controlling weeds.

Another non-toxic weed killer is an all-natural one – mulch of grass or oak leaves. Lawn care specialists say that spreading mulch all over the lawn, especially during the fall, can keep weeds at bay for the following year.

And lastly, to get property owners involved in the process of maintaining lawn health, they also recommend using a trusty kitchen ingredient: white vinegar. An awesome household cleaning agent and disinfectant, it has proven to be quite powerful in killing everything from crabgrass to dandelions.

Proper lawn treatment to control weeds can surely be done without posing any risk.The non-toxic solutions lawn treatment services use, aside from the ones mentioned, are safe to use that even while homeowners are continuously fighting harmful weed growth, the family can still safely use their lawns and garden for many of their outdoor activities.

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