Aug 8, 2014

Housing Agents Turning to Cloud Software to Cope with Booming Market

The property market is booming, with many Estate Agents enjoying record numbers of sales. Property prices are also showing healthy increases with the latest figures from the UK's biggest building society showing average house prices at a record £186,512 in May 2014.

The government's help-to-buy scheme has also helped to increase activity by helping first time buyers struggling to get on to the property market, although there are fears that demand could outstrip supply. 

While the booming property market is good news for estate agents, many are having to develop strategies to cope with the significant rise in sales. Many agents are turning to cloud based estate agency software to help streamline business functions and improve efficiency.

Cloud computing refers to the storage of data in a virtual environment, which means data can be accessed via the internet without the need to install or download software. Systems are fast and efficient and can be accessed from most devices, including a laptop, PC, iPad or smart phone, by simply logging into the website.

Key benefits of cloud software

Quick and inexpensive to set up

Cloud based applications such as those available are inexpensive and can be installed by non IT people, reducing the need for specialist staff. All that is required is a computer and IT connection and you are ready to go. According to the Guardian removing much of the initial up-front costs, the cloud allows small and medium businesses to compete with their larger rivals.

Instant access to data

One of the key advantages is that agents can work away from their desks. The software is accessible from any device with an internet connection. Key information can be viewed and amended out on the road, in the office or from home, allowing greater freedom and flexibility for staff.

Sharing information

A cloud based system enables sharing of information and data over the internet, so clients and the rest of the team are automatically kept in the loop. If an agency has multiple branches, cloud software will ensure that data can be shared across the whole business.

Reduce time spent on admin

Cloud based systems can dramatically reduce time spent on routine administration tasks. No more hard-to-manage Excel spreadsheets or paper trails. A cloud based system will integrate the business functions onto one central dashboard which can be easily accessed by anyone on the team.

Safe and secure

Retaining your data on the cloud will mean it is safe and secure. You will not lose critical information, if your laptop is stolen or you contract a desktop virus.

Businesses of all size are discovering the power of the Cloud. Choosing the right estate agency software will support and help develop your business, allowing you to become a leader in a competitive market.

While there are many software solutions available, a cloud based system goes one step further offering many more features than a conventional system.

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