Jun 2, 2014

Want to Know about Solar Hot Water System? Read This

Taking a hot shower can be really relaxing after a stressful day. It may well be one of life’s little luxuries. The thing about this “little luxury” is that it could run up your utility bills. The best way to save money — without sacrificing your need for hot showers or baths — is to consider solar water heating systems.

Let the Sun Do Its Job
A solar water heater is an excellent way of getting hot water for your home. It’s ideal because you basically generate hot water for free — using sunshine, of course. But you will need to buy the necessary components to start harnessing the power of the sun’s heat. These components mainly include the storage tank, which needs to be well insulated, and the solar collector, which comes in three types and is chosen based on the application required.

Solar heating systems come in two types: active solar hot water system and the passive system. Active systems feature circulating pumps and controls while the passive system does not. Active solar water heating systems are designed as direct circulation system and indirect circulation system. Passive solar water heating systems also come in two types: the integral collector storage passive system and the themosyphon system. Which one you choose will depend on your location and hot water needs.

Active or Passive?
So which system is best? How does one system fare better than the other? Does it really matter which solar water heating system you install in your home? Indeed, it does. Choosing the perfect solar heating system for your home could save you money on installation and upkeep. The right system may also determine just how efficient it would be in delivering hot water to your home.

If you’re looking to save money, passive systems are considered to be affordable in comparison to active systems. The passive system is also known to be truly reliable and, with proper installation, could last a long time. For thermosyphon systems, you’ll want to make sure that your installer has considered your roof design before recommending this particular system because it requires a heavy tank. Meanwhile, the integral collector storage is ideal for homes with substantial hot water requirements, day and night.

For homes located in climates that plunge to freezing temperatures, the indirect circulation system would work best. If your home, however, is in an area that does not experience freezing temperatures for long, the direct circulation system is sufficient.

Whichever system is best for your location and hot water needs, make sure you get licensed contractors for the installation. With expert installation, you will ensure the quality and longevity of your solar water heater system. And you will enjoy longer hot showers for a long time to come.

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