Jun 16, 2014

Minimalistic Home Design

Minimalist homes are mainly known for their open spaces, clean lines and lack of clutter. They encourage homeowners to only own the essentials to rid their lives and homes of unnecessary objects. They provide a living with a sense of calmness which is every man’s dream. They are easier to clean and maintain with general simplicity which is very attractive. If you are planning to build a minimalist home, be sure to consult widely and use emphasise on clean and open aesthetic that will simplify your design. Below are some considerations and tips that you may utilise.

Elegance of minimalistic design

Use quality building materials for longevity and showcasing the simplicity of your house. Light coloured walls, floors and ceilings are very attractive and open up your house making it look more spacious. The floors may feature concrete or wood while walls and ceilings may be composed of drywall. Make the house more classic by ensuring only essential items are in the room and all other items that may cause clutter are out of sight.

All white kitchen design

Bright kitchens provide an open feeling that makes them more colourful and larger. You can spot spills easily and thus keep it clean because there are no other colours to disguise them. You can achieve this by creating a white-on-white motif or painting your kitchen cabinets white in a gloss or semi-gloss finish.

Metal art

Metal art may be used in this home design for cost reduction, environmental sustainability and aesthetics. You can easily incorporate a modern and cool art by mixing your favourite metal with other materials like wood or concrete. You may use steel and precast concrete, galvanised steel for protection, aluminium materials or solar panels on the roof and recycled steel for an open layout.

Functional Minimalistic Home Design for home improvement

Try to concentrate on a design that is keen on the hall marks of minimalist design. It should create an open feeling to your home and allow in a lot of sunlight. It should feature clean lines with flat roofs and a box-like shape. Most homes with this design have many large windows that may even take the entire wall of a room to bring in a lot of natural light. You can choose to merge several common rooms into one great room with a living room, dining room and kitchen leaving a large open space for living and socialising. Try to cover the exterior of your home with the same material although you may use different material for the trim around the doors and windows. Simple and plain patterns of stone, wood or stucco for the exterior are very popular. Be sure to use the same colour if you don’t stick to same material to give your house a uniform exterior look. 

Hide all the storage space

Hiding the storage space involve utilising the storage compartments. Keep a clutter-free home or apartment by sorting out and looking for place to store your items. You should choose storage spaces that are easy to access and easy to remember. Alternatively, you may decide to keep lists of the storage spaces and the items stored in your cabinet as a reminder.

Modern colours

It is attractive to maintain the minimalist look even when painting your house. You should use subtle colour for any painting. Some of the modern colours which are likely to improve the overall theme for every room are bright red tablecloth accent and white painting alternating with neutral earth tones such as green, gray, blue, brown, tan, cream and black.
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