Jun 25, 2014

Make Your Bedroom Somewhere You Want to Spend Time Awake

A bedroom is functional. It's where you sleep, but with a few careful changes and some thoughtful planning, it can become a stylish haven that you seek out to relax and spend time in before you go to bed.

Colour it beautiful

There is no right or wrong, but the impact of colour in your bedroom can make a big difference. Soothing tones in blue and green have long been favourites because their tranquility promotes restful sleep. Beware they aren't too 'cold' though as this could sub-consciously put you off spending time there.

Stronger colours are in vogue at the moment. Don't let colour scare you. If you fancy something more dramatic but are nervous, try colour on one wall only and use paler tones in the rest of the room, leading to crisp white bed linen.

Get the linen right

Bed linen is a great place to show your personality and is the easiest place to experiment with a new colour or pattern. You might even start with /your linen and work from there. There are many online retailers selling a wide range of designs. ((http://www.dunelm.com/category/home-and-furniture/bedding/duvet-covers) If you find a design you like, you can pick out accent colours or themes to continue on the walls and wider decor.

Natural fibres will be more comfortable to sleep in, so beware the polyester content in the bed linen you choose.

Add texture to your bedroom by layering cushions, blankets and throws on your bed or armchair if you have room.

Wallpapering is the other obvious option for adding pattern to a room, though you might choose to seek professional help to ensure the pattern sits correctly. The human eye will easily pick up any errors in the pattern.

If you are getting any structural work done, a professional tradesman is certainly advisable and there are many skilled people around. Try asking friends and neighbours for recommendations.
In case it doesn't all go to plan, organisations such as Citizens Advice  are on hand to help and advise.

Clever tricks

Few of us are fortunate to have a 'big enough' bedroom, or one that is perfectly proportioned for everything we want to put into it. Take 'the rules' into account; paler colours will make the space appear bigger, and darker shades will make it smaller. It's the same principle as clothes - black is slimming - but in your bedroom, you probably want the space to be as big as it can.

Use pattern carefully. Large prints could swamp a smaller space, for example, and mixing too many patterns could make the whole scheme too 'busy'.

Mirrors make the space look bigger. Use mirror-fronted doors on a wardrobe, or hang a full-length mirror if you have space. A free-standing mirror can act as a great feature in the bedroom.

If you do have space, an easy chair is one of the most indulgent additions to a bedroom. Fill it with comfy cushions and soft throws, put a table lamp beside it and light a scented candle and you've created a relaxing sanctuary to spend awake time in as well as sleep.

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