Jun 18, 2014

Important Qualities to Look for In a Floor Sander – Northern Beaches Homeowners

So you’ve recently scored a delightful real estate property for a good price – an old but charming country home with hardwood floors that create magnificent acoustics throughout the house. However, due to the structure’s age, certain repairs have to be carried out to make it sturdier and more liveable. Some distressed parts look just right, but you notice that the wooden floors have become rather contorted so it’s important to be quite careful when you walk on them. If they’re not “fixed,” you risk getting the skinny heels of your shoes stuck in those little crevices, or twisting your feet because of the unevenness.

One of the best ways to fix them is to sand them down. It’s going to be a lot of work so it’s better if you entrust the job to professional floor sanding services providers. With their services, you can preserve the flooring material and at the same time make it safer to walk on and even more aesthetically appealing.

Now, when searching for a good, professional floor sander, Northern Beaches homeowners advise being particularly thorough because the last thing you want is to pay a considerable amount of money for the home improvement effort and find that the job was not carried out properly. They have rounded up four important qualities to look for that will ensure you get what you pay for.
1.   Many years of experience – This means that they have seen all sorts of flooring problems and have already gathered important know-how in dealing with the sanding requirements of different types of floors.
2.   A good listener – A floor sander, North Shore homeowners say, must be a good listener because it’s one way of demonstrating how he wants to meet the standards demanded by the client. If the floor sander listens well, you can trust that you will get the result you want from the job.
3.   Explains his process in a way you can understand – As someone doling out a significant amount of money to upgrade the look of your home, you may want to enquire about what would be done so your floor will look the way you want it to. A good floor sander, Eastern Suburbs locals claim, can easily explain how he will get the job done and even answer all your questions. So, should you have issues about how certain aspects of the job will be carried out, you can discuss things further and work out a solution that’s good for you both.
4.   Highly recommended or have received positive reviews – There’s no better testament to a professional floor sander’s quality of workmanship than being highly recommended and complimented by former clients and key industry personalities. If others were completely happy with the services they’ve received from the floor sander, it’s likely you will be happy too — after all, he already has a solid reputation to maintain.

Author Profile: Kenneth Lawrence is passionate “Handyman” and a content creator. He writes articles about home renovation, kitchen improvements, DIY home projects, interior designing, landscaping and other topics for homeowners. As of now, he is renovating his house primarily the house floors. And, he recommends www.exclusivefloorsanding.com.au to accomplish tasks like floor sanding.

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