Jun 6, 2014

Cleaning Your Kitchen in Five Easy Steps

If you have ever wondered how to do a light clean of the kitchen across a series of simple steps that you can memorize to take the stress out of getting the place looking fresh and clean, then you are in luck. Have a look over the following actions to ensure that you have covered all of the areas that you need to. 

  • Dust form top to bottom of the room, ensuring that you do not miss any spots! The kitchen is not usually considered a place that dust is really a problem, as it is so often used, but in reality, the top of the cupboards and the oven fan will show you a different story! Here, the grease that is put in the air by the cooking process will settle with the dust form the ceiling, forming a thick gunk that can be very difficult to get rid of! Give it a decent squirt with some degreasing cleaning product, and ensure that you give the area time for the chemicals to settle in and do their work. You should find that after a while, the stuff clears away easily, and you should be able to get the dust gone without too much trouble all round.
  • Appliances are up next, and if you are doing a deep clean then you should really get in to this stage. You need to clean out the fridge entirely, with surface cleaner, and do the microwave in the same way. The oven will take a lot more work, and you should sort out a step by step plan for this, as it is a big job! You will find that the appliances needs cleaning inside and outside, so be sure to get them looking sparklingly clean, and rinse the foam or residue out after you have done so. You don’t want the smell of soap contaminating all of your food!
  • Cleaning down the surfaces of the kitchen is something that you do every day, but this time it makes sense to lift all of the racks and jars off of their shelves and places, and to really clean them down thoroughly. Grease and more dust will accumulate in places that don’t get wiped over very regularly, so it is essential that you get in to all of those hard to reach spots, so that the problem does not keep building up! Simple surface cleaner will be fine for the job, and if you are out of it, then washing up liquid and a damp cloth will also be fine, though you will have to rinse it fairly well, and that can make a mess!
  • You should only mop the floors after you have covered all of the upper levels of the kitchen, as otherwise the cleaning of those levels will drip on to an already clean floor. This is a general rule of cleaning in the home that will ensure that you are able to reduce the amount of time you waste in cleaning things over all. Be aware of the natural order of things, and you should find things slot in to place quite nicely.
  • Take out the bins, and tidy the whole kitchen in to place - your kitchen is now perfectly clean and ready for some excellent food to be prepared in it! Hopefully, if you have followed all of the levels, you will not have missed anything out, but if you have extras in your own kitchen, then add them to your own step by step plan. Deep Cleaning Chiswick.

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