Jun 10, 2014

How to Keep Home Cooling Costs Down When the Temperature Goes Up

As the temperature continuously climbs higher all summer long, it can become harder and harder to keep you home cool without racking up an enormous energy bill. Instead of suffering in the heat or spending too much money, you can use alternative methods to keep your home cool. Here are some tips to help you keep home cooling costs down when the temperature outside goes up.

1.       Take advantage of ceiling fans throughout your home. Fans look great and can be chosen to fit with any home d├ęcor plus, they provide serious cooling benefits. Set your fan to move in a counter-clockwise motion in the summer which helps to encourage the circulation of air, evening the temperature in your home. The sensation provided from fans also impacts the skin, making you feel cooler even if the temperature is still the same.
2.      Seal up your windows and doors to improve insulation. Often windows and doors develop cracks, holes and gaps as the weather changes and the temperature cools and heats. This expansion and contraction will allow outdoor air into your home and comfortable interior air is then able to escape. Sealing external windows and doors can better insulate your home, making it more energy efficient. This helps reduce how hard your HVAC system needs to work while limiting energy waste.
3.      Open windows at night and close them during the day. A great trick is to take advantage of cool, summer breezes. In the evening, when the temperate has dropped drastically, open up your windows to let the fresh, cool air inside. This will aerate your home and cool it down without using energy. Then, get up and close all windows again before the sun comes up to trap this comfortable air inside.
4.      Use heavy curtains and blackout shades to keep the heat of the sun out. Heavy curtains act as a barrier between the outdoors and the indoors. It buffers the hot air trapping it between the windows and your room. Also, blackout shades will help prevent the hot sun from beating in through the windows, increasing the temperature.
5.      Plant trees and shrubs around your home to provide more natural shade. Not only can trees and shrub enhance curb appeal and add interest and dimension to your yard's landscaping, but they can also serve a practical purpose too. Tall bushes, shrubs and trees help to provide your home with natural shade, keeping the sun away from your home and allowing it to remain cooler.

If you are concerned about keeping your home cool in the summer without spending tons of money, these tips will definitely come in handy. Be sure to use ceiling fans to improve circulation , seal windows and doors for better insulation, open up windows at night allowing the cool breeze inside, keep out the sun with heavy window treatments, and plant trees and shrubs for natural shade around your home. These are inexpensive change that will make a huge difference, keeping your home cool all summer without causing an expensive energy bill. Be sure to talk to an HVAC professional about the benefits of a home energy audit and additional tips about how to stay cool without wasting energy.

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