Jun 13, 2014

How to Recruit a Cleaning Company

In the busy modern world it is not surprising many people don’t have time to complete all of the tasks at home that they would like to. That is why there has been an influx of companies that offer domestic and office cleaning. However, if you decide that the cleanliness of your home is the priority and decides to employ a cleaner where do you start? Some people find conversations where they are asking another person to do chores in their home a little awkward, so this post will hopefully solve that.

To start with consider the space you want cleaning. Whether it is office space or domestic cleaning estimate how long it would take you to clean it and that will be a good guide. Just be realistic about what result you expect and the time you are willing to pay for.

Next, think about whether you would like to advertise privately and employ someone directly or through an agency or cleaning company. There are advantages to both but be aware if you employ someone directly you are responsible for their health and safety and right to work in this country. For any advice look online or speak to your local small business administration group. Whichever route you decide to take, ensure you see references and know a bit about the persons past. They are coming into your house, or place of work, after all.

The logistics need to be carefully considered and discussed with your cleaner, once appointed. For example, are you particular about what products you want them to use and are you going to supply them or pay for the cleaner to buy those. Have a conversation with them and set out very definite needs. Tell them what you know needs cleaning weekly and what can be done once a month. If they don’t know they can’t cater for your needs. Also discuss whether you will be in when they work, or go out. Some customers prefer to go out once a trusting relationship has been earnt, but remember to stay vigilant. If you leave private documents around human nature is nosey so don’t get prissy if the cleaner has had a little look.

It is also worth touching on what chores your cleaner will not do. Windows, for example, are usually not something a cleaner will do as a professional window company can do it for less time, money and effort. However, if they do agree to extra chores then ensure you are fair and pay them accordingly.

Payment is up to you as the customer although cleaners hired directly by you will expect payment on the day they work, so if this doesn’t suit you t honest and explain your reasoning.

Finally, iron out any potential issues, for example, does your cleaner smoke? If so, do you want them to only do so in your garden or away from your property? If you are completely clear in what you expect, without being disrespectful or unrealistic, then your new employee knows where they stand.

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