Jun 5, 2014

Planning Campervan and Motorhome Trips with Big Groups

What better way to see the world than by RV – a campervan or motorhome – especially when travelling as a large group.

Not only can families and groups travel together, but as they’re taking their accommodation with them on their travels they’re afforded so much more freedom to stay where they want to stay and for how long. This makes for an amazing travelling experience wherever in the world they choose to travel.

There are so many reasons to travel by RV – here are five.

1.   You’re in control of your holiday
2.   You’re taking your luggage with you
3.   You can enjoy the journey as much as the destination
4.   You can save money on accommodation, dining and travel
5.   You can enjoy a wide range of rental options

Travelling as a campervan/motorhome convoy

Of the many joys to travelling by campervan or motorhome, the opportunity to travel as a group is one of many. However, what happens when there are too many of you to travel in the one vehicle?

This could present a problem but it doesn’t need to – not at all, and you’ll find that you and your travelling companions have a number of options to consider, though the earlier you explore these options and make arrangements the more you’ll find you have available.

Of the possibilities you’re presented with, hiring two or more vehicles and travelling as a convoy is likely to be the best option available.

Depending on how many people there are altogether, your group has the option of hiring two similar vehicles; for example, if there are eight people travelling, you could hire two campervans that each accommodate four people, or you could hire a motorhome that accommodates five and a smaller campervan that accommodates three and split the costs eight ways.

This might prove more economical regarding overall fuel consumption, plus as the motorhome will come equipped with a larger kitchen, you can use it for cooking and avoid dirtying, and cleaning, the kitchen in the campervan.

Plus, as you have two vehicles you can also pack more food and supplies – this can help you to avoid driving back to civilisation more frequently than you’d like – and you can also pack more equipment and luggage.

This is just an example of the options you and your travelling companions have to consider, though it highlights the flexibility and versatility you could enjoy if you thoroughly explore your RV hiring options and make astute, informed decisions.

Making arrangements when hiring more than one RV

There are naturally a few considerations to take into account when hiring more than one RV for a group road trip, including the following which you’re advised to consider, discuss and make arrangements for well in advance.

1.   Hiring two or more vehicles from the one rental firm

To aid convenience it’s advisable to hire RVs from the one rental firm so as to pick up and drop off the RVs at the same location at the same time.

As you’re hiring more than one vehicle you might be able to negotiate a discount with the rental firm, though this naturally depends on factors like the time of year and how many vehicles the firm has available.

2.   Staying together as a group at campsites and campervan parks

Naturally you’ll want to stay together as a group at campsites and campervan parks, so book in advance and specify that you want adjoining campsites for you and your travelling companions.

Depending on the time of the year and where you’re travelling this shouldn’t be a problem, though you’ll generally need to book early during peak season so as to stay together as a group.

3.   Multiple drivers

As you’re travelling as a group there’s a good chance that you’ll be sharing the driving amongst you. When making arrangements with an RV rental firm, don’t forget to register everyone who’ll be driving the RV so that you can all legally get behind the wheel, otherwise only the person who hires the vehicle will be legally able to drive the RV.

Travelling by RV presents an excellent opportunity for large groups to travel together – make the most of the options presented to you.

Author: Apollo is a company that is dedicated in providing competitive rates, personalised service, and years of experience in the industry of RV rentals. They were first established in Australia yet now has branches in Canada and the US.
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