Apr 26, 2014

Why You Should Hire a Professional Deck Cleaning and Staining Service

Time, the elements and stains take their toll on walkways, house siding, fences and decks. Houses appear much older than they are, and their appearance detracts from the neighborhood. Appraisal values are also affected by the appearance of decks, walks, driveways and siding. Wood appears dull and gray, mold and mildew can cover vinyl siding and stains can ruin the appearance of any surface. Sometimes, replacing your siding with Meredith Home Improvements is the only answer. Other times, you can get away with just having it professionally cleaned.

DIY products abound with the promise to clean, restore and remove stains, but most fall woefully short of the manufacturer’s advertising. Some products contain toxic substances and others can cause serious damage to wood, concrete or vinyl siding. When using pressure washers to apply products, most DIY’ers are unaware of how much pressure to use, resulting in damage and repair costs.
Professional deck cleaning and staining
Hiring a professional deck cleaning and staining service is the best way to ensure the surfaces are cleaned right and sealed to prevent UV and damage from the elements. Many services clean vinyl house siding, decks, fences and concrete. An example of a company that performs all these services is Renew Crew Clean, located in several states. The professional cleaning technician will evaluate the item to be cleaned, any stains and select the appropriate cleanser for the job. He or she will also use the right stain cleaner for each surface to achieve the best results. When the surfaces are clean and dry, stains will restore wood’s surface to a healthy glow, just as it was when it was new. You can choose different shades of stain to suit your d├ęcor. Sealants containing UV-protectants keep the sun and elements at bay.

There are many reasons to have fences, decks, siding and concrete surfaces professionally cleaned. Family reunions, parties, visiting relatives, selling a house and just getting tired of looking at gray, dirty and stained surfaces are all good reasons to hire a cleaning service. Visitors will think you spent a fortune having wood and concrete structures rebuilt, the house siding replaced and perhaps painted. Passersby will stop and take pictures of your home and neighbors may ask who you hired so that they can get their property looking as good as yours. You could be the leader in restoring the beauty of your whole neighborhood.


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It is important to keep clean fences!

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