Apr 1, 2014

Great Tips on the Use and Management of Commercial Storage Solutions

Great Tips on the Use and Management of Commercial Storage Solutions -Most retail businesses can use extra storage space for all their wares. Typically, they have warehouses for those items, but smaller operations do not necessarily need space that big and costly. Nowadays, storage facilities are expanding their offerings by creating commercial storage solutions for those who need something bigger than the two-car garage size units; they are the perfect solution for businesses that need a safe place to keep their stocks of products to be sold.

Now, in renting a commercial storage unit, it’s quite important that you take into consideration several things to ensure an advantageous deal as well as the complete safety of your stored items. The last thing you want is to keep your stocks of products in the unit and then come back after a week or two to find that the quality of your wares have been compromised by a leak in the ceiling or some other flaw. Therefore, before agreeing to any arrangement, consider the following tips provided below.
1.   Do inspect the condition of any storage unit thoroughly. Check if the inside is secure and dry – look out for stains in the ceiling and the walls because those are common indicators of leaks and mould growth that you definitely do not want to expose your items to.
2.  Make sure that the location is secure and accessible with a moving truck. Since you’re storing important goods, you want to be able to unload and load them without having to walk and carry them a long distance, exposing them for other people (who might take interest) to see. Storage facilities are often targets of burglars who make money selling off their stolen items, so make sure that the commercial storage you get is private, accessible by a truck (or whatever vehicle you’re using to transport the items), and secure.
3. Consider a climate-controlled unit to preserve the quality of the products you’re going to store.
4.   Always remember to pay your rent. “Storage Wars” is a great TV show, but you certainly do not want your products featured in it. Dave Hester from the show chanced upon a unit with boxes of untouched gadgets, obviously meant to be sold – he earned his biggest profit from that one. All that money could have been yours, but if you did not honour your end of the contract with the storage facility, someone like Hester will benefit from your products.
5.   Do write down all the items going into storage, including some details about them such as expiration dates and storing instructions (for example, whether they should be kept away from heat or moisture or not).
6. Insure the storage unit if you can, considering how valuable the contents are.
7.  Use the best locks for your own peace of mind. The best locks are tamper-resistant, so those people targeting your commercial storage unit will not be able to have access to all your valuables.

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