Apr 23, 2014

Cleaning Tools and Equipment

Commercial settings need to be maintained daily with a full time staff of janitors. Every day, the floors must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent any slips and falls. Similarly, dust and dirt must be removed from surfaces such as tables, desks, door handles and more. Buying janitorial supplies is best done online because local stores may not always carry large selections of specific cleaning items and equipment.

Wholesale cleaning products are sold online at affordable prices. Schools, hospitals, offices and other commercial buildings can benefit from buying cleaning supplies in bulk. Free shipping might be offered on cleaning products that exceed a minimum order amount.
Janitorial supplies
Brooms, brushes and mops are some of the most common cleaning tools used in commercial buildings. There are specialty designs of these cleaning utilities that are made for specific surfaces. For example, masonry brushes are used to clean bricks and stones inside and outside of buildings.

Metal and wood are the most common materials used for the handles of brooms, brushes and mops. The heads of these cleaning tools could be replaced regularly. Toilet cleaning is an important aspect of commercial quality maintenance. Therefore, special supplies such as bowl brushes and disinfectants must be used daily. Dusters are also common tools that are used to remove debris, dust and grime from surfaces. Moist wipes must also be used to completely clean surfaces that have been dusted. Squeegees are special janitorial tools that are utilized to clean floors that have been washed and treated with liquids.

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