Apr 18, 2014

House Cleaning Tips after the Flood

House Cleaning Tips after the Flood -Lately some of us are affected by flood, especially people who are living in areas prone to flooding. Cleaning house after the flood is certainly exhausting work. Do not give up; here are some house cleaning tips that may help you:



1. Put off electricity
Electricity-supply company usually decides to cut the power lines in the flood-stricken areas. But when the power of your home is still on, you must immediately turn off it to avoid short circuit or an electric shock hazard.

2. Use clean  water
Flooding would make mud into houses. Spray the house with clean water using a long hose and rubber drain to remove the mud from inside the house.

3. Wear gloves, footwear and masks
The spread of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases after floods could be very fast. To avoid getting affected by the diseases, there is no harm if you use gloves, footwear and a mask when cleaning the house.

4.Disinfectant sprayer
Still related to the post-flood diseases, disinfectants are essentially required when cleaning the house. Spray the disinfectant onto the wall, floors or difficult to reach spots such as beneath cabinets and sidelines of desks.

5. Drying damp items
Drying out using solar light is the most effective. In addition to remove the moisture, it may also kill germs and repel odor. Small stuffs such as clothing, blankets or towels can be washed in the normal way or soaked it first using hot water. While carpets or mattress, after being cleaned and dried, each should also be sprayed with disinfectant to kill the nesting germs. And then you must dry out them again.

6.Boil the tableware
Digestive diseases most easily spread after flooding. To avoid it, boil the metal tableware for 5-10 minutes, or at least watered them using boiled water.

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