Apr 23, 2014

A Clean Space

When building a cleanroom, there are some things that you might need that you might not be able to find on a hardware store shelf. These cleanroom products can be used whether you need a new room or if you need a room that you currently have updated to include a new HVAC system. It is ideal to start with the floor and the walls so that you can later add any furniture and other items that you might need in the room. You can create walls that are made of glass and steel so that you can see what is going on in the room.
cleanroom products
After you have the basics of the room established, it’s time to add the other details. Biosafety cabinets can be placed on the walls to store all of the important items that will be used in the room. HEPA filters and fans are typically placed in the ceiling to provide ventilation while in the room. The furniture in the room will depend on what the room is used for such as a room in hospital or a lab. Tables can be added so that experiments can be completed, and carts can be put in the rooms to make it easier to transport materials from one location to another.

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