Apr 11, 2014

Creative Loft and Garage Conversions

It has become quite the norm for homeowners to convert their loft space or their unused garage as a different option to moving home all together when they are in need of new space on their property.

In addition to this, converting your loft or garage can actually increase the value of your home too, which is an added extra benefit to conversions which is why they are becoming more common now meaning that loft and garage conversion companies such as MPK Lofts are seeing an increase in inquires.

Having said this, if you are stuck for what room you can create with your new found space, this article will put forward some creative ideas that you may not have thought of yourself. 

A den or hangout space
Do you have young children or teenagers? You may notice that all of their belongings, toys and items spread all over the house and can make your house look cluttered.

You may also have found yourself in the situation where you don’t allow your child to have friends over through fear of disruption to the house or the lack of space.

Well, a hangout space or teenage den is a great way to make use of your new space allowing your children to have their own chill-out space to hang out in which leaves the rest of your home uninterrupted.

For this type of space, you will need to think about creating a safe environment for your children, so bare in mind appropriate stairs and stair rails. 

For her - a crafty corner
Are you itching to get creative and crafty but you just do not have the space to do so in your existing layout? Then a craft corner will be ideal for your new conversion.

With this type of conversion, you want to think about installing big open windows that let light flood into the room.

Make use of the awkward angles in your loft by getting some hand crafted and custom built wardrobe space to store all of your crafty equipment away.

Perk up the colour scheme with some pastel yellows, oranges and greens. 

For him - a man cave
Every man wants to get back to his primal needs, but this man cave comes with a modern twist.

For this type of room, you want to make sure there are a numerous amount of well places power outlets for all of his gadgets and toys.

In comparison to the crafty corner for her, you may want to invest in some blackout blinds to reduce sun glare on the flat screen television that will be proudly placed on the feature wall along with several games consoles.

Keep it masculine, but colourful, with deep reds, blacks and greys. 

A productive home office
This is where you are going to need to get clever with how you design and use the space.

You are going to need to ensure that the room is always light and airy to ease production, so whilst you’re not working on laptops or computers, you are going to want to make sure you have some big windows.

If you are creating a home office in your loft, you may want to think about freeing up all of the flat walls that are possible for storage space, therefore any windows will have to be featured on the slope or roof of your loft.

Ceiling lights are a must for an office space for when it is not light outside to make sure you can see what you’re working on. We suggest low hanging lighting to target your light on your work space.

Creative Conversions
Created by MPK Lofts

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