Apr 28, 2014

EffectiveLawn Care — Huntsville, AL Residents’ List of Things to Do

A beautifully lush lawn does more than just provide curb appeal to a Huntsville, Alabama (AL) home. It does more than just give a family their own private space for summer barbecues, for outdoor holiday feasts, and for kicking the ball around with the kids. A lawn that manages to actually stop traffic can, and will, add to the property’s value. So it makes sense for any Hunstville resident to try and find ways to keep their lawn looking immaculate.

But what should you do to keep the turf healthy and green? How do you keep pests away from your lawn? How often should you water your turf? For effective lawn care, Huntsville, AL residents may want to try the following things.

Do consult a lawn care professional.
It can save you more money in the process when you rely on a lawn care professional. For one, you avoid the costly consequences of improper lawn care, like overwatering your lawn or mowing your turf too short. With a lawn care expert, you gain better insight and effective tips on maintaining better looking turf.

Professionals know, for example, that the lawn care Madison, AL residents need will differ from the lawn care Alberta residents follow because of geographic location and conditions such as rainfall and direct sunlight will vary.

Know your turf.
Do you know the type of grass you have on your lawn? You see, different types of grass need different maintenance care measures. Creeping Red Fescue, which is best for cooler Northern climates, can thrive in poor soil condition and low water levels. Meanwhile, Centipede grass is pretty low maintenance and it is known for minimum pest problems and disease. For the most effective approach to lawn care, start with the ideal grass.

Never forget the golden rules of lawn care.
Whether it’s lawn care Decatur, AL residents need or lawn care Hunstville property owners want, any lawn owner in any location will need to follow these golden rules to get desirable results.

First, never cut off too much from the grass. While regular mowing can encourage more green leaf to grow, you risk weed growth and yellow patches on your lawn when you cut off too much. Second, water your lawn in daytime because evening watering can promote disease and pest infestation; water that sits overnight in the thatch layer is an excellent condition for pests and disease to grow. And third, fertilize your lawn. Your lawn, like people, needs regular nutrients in order to thrive and be healthy, under any conditions. So see to it that your turf gets the proper levels of nutrients.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence loves to share his knowledge regarding how to make your house, interiorly and exteriorly beautiful, clean and healthy. Indeed, he visits home improvement sites like http://www.turfking.com/ to increase his know-how about such. 

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