May 23, 2013

Wicker from a Piece of Stem to Furniture!

Wicker is very hard woven fiber which can be formed into rigid material, that certain plants and plastic are used to make strong and stiff material. It is mainly used for making furniture. Wicker has recorded in the history from the ancient time. Egyptian used to use wicker made material to carry stuff and other things not everyone could afford it that time however, only few pieces were attained by them.

Beginning of Wicker popularity!
The popularity of wicker starts spreading from Egypt to Roman as wicker was used to collect and carry stuff. Roman was the first one to manufacture furniture from wicker. Slowly and gradually, the trends started to pass on to different clay and communities. By the time of 1400-1500 wicker had became quite common.

Eventually, in 1800, wicker bounced back with good quality as somewhere in Africa region rattan was found which was even harder compared to wicker. Wicker is made of one of the core which is taken from rattan, so basically rattan stem is separated to obtain the inner soft core and material which is used to make wicker.

Utilization of Wicker!
Using wicker for making furniture has been going on since many years. Hundreds of things are being made of wicker nowadays. Most widely known for wicker tables and chairs, wicker sofa sets and patio umbrella are the things which are more preferred in modern time. As wicker furniture is light in weight as easy to take care of.

Natural and Synthetic Wicker!
Combination of two things plastic and plants such as (reed, bamboo or synthetic) are formed into one frame to make furniture. Two types of wicker are available one is synthetic and other is natural. Natural wicker is extracted from stem of rattan ‘vine’ which is also well known for its beauty, comfort & durability. Resin wicker which is synthetic material is durable and suitable for outdoor furniture and can also last for long.

Misconception of Rattan and Wicker!
Many people or home owners believe that rattan and wicker is the same thing. But this is totally wrong; rattan is stem which grows in the region of Africa with very stiff stem it can grow up to hundreds of meter. While on the other hand wicker is something which is obtained from rattan. Wicker is not a material it is made of rattan.

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