May 14, 2013

Information about CCA for Citrix XenApp 6

The CCA for Citrix XenApp 6 is outlined to affirm information of Citrix XenApp 6 desktop results. This accreditation is achieved by passing the Basic Administration for XenApp 6 exam, in which exam-takers exhibit the learning and aptitudes fundamental to instate, design, and oversee Citrix XenApp 6 on-interest requisitions.

Exams to get the Citrix  Certifications:

Exams which are required to get theCCA XenApp 6 desktop certification are as follows:
1.    A20 for Xen App 6.5


Exam codes:

1y0-A05 is exam code for Xen app 5



There will be total 81 questions in the test and based on multiple choice as well as performance based questions. You can get the certification by attempting them in a good way.

Time for the test:

Time allowed completing the test 90 minutes.

How can you get the certification?

There is a limit for passing score. If you get above to at the passing score you will awarded by your certification.
·         For examA20passing score is 61%


Languages for the exam A20 are English, German, Chinese, Japanese, and French. You can easily take this test in these languages.

Topics for the Xen App windows server 2008exams:

The Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration exam is separated into the accompanying segments:

·         Comprehension the Citrix Architecture
·         Permitting and Installing XenApp
·         Arranging XenApp Sessions
·         Arranging XenApp Policies
·         Distributed Applications and Content
·         Extra Management
·         Administering Performance and Load
·         Arranging Printing
·         Empowering and Securing Web Access to Published Applications and Content
·         Troubleshooting


Certifications which you can get:

The accompanying courses furnish essential preparing on managerial assignments.

·     Cxa 206-1: Citrix XenApp 6.5: Administration (educator advanced instructional class or self-study)

·         Cxa-102-1w Citrix XenApp 6.5 Overview (self-paced online instructional class)


Who is the audience for exam?

The A20 exam is concentrated on those subjects that were definitive vital to those who perform the part of a Citrix executive. Citrix Education chose the aforementioned themes dependent upon sentiment from topic masters who perform this part in the field. Those who serve as executives may hold different work titles for example:
·         Frameworks Administrator
·         Sales/system Engineer (Se)
·         Specialized Support Staff
·         Frameworks Integrator
·         Citrix Certified Instructor (CCI)
·         Base Architect
·         Citrix Consultant


Requirement to take part in exam:

In particular, bidders might as well have the accompanying information and aptitudes preceding taking this exam:
Encounter with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 incorporating however not constrained to:
·         Designing working framework alternatives
·         Comprehension Terminal Services strategies and profiles
·         Utilizing Active Directory
·         Making users/managing authorizations and director rights
·         Making and adjusting Active Directory aggregate strategies
·         Comprehension the different parts of a Windows server

Encounter with and information of framework government abilities, counting however not restricted to:
Comprehension of:
·         How information is exchanged over a system
·         Firewall thoughts
·         Message management and account creation
·         Making allotments and giving access to imparted folders/files
·         Comprehension fundamental database terminology and necessities

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