May 2, 2013

Make Your Home Cooler with Hugger Ceiling Fans

Once the summer causes scorching hot days become the norm, you should be able to find a way to cool down. If you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money for air-conditioning and overpriced electricity bills, adding hugger ceiling fan can be a great option to keep your home cool without added cost. This type of fan can generate a pleasant and gentle wind in any room. offers hugger ceiling fans at a major discount compared to some of the other suppliers in the market.

52" 5-Blade Hugger Fan

Having more than 35 years experience in lighting industry, you can trust Lighthouse Supply to find high quality hugger ceiling fans for your home. Fortunately, you can get the fans at whosale prices –the rates are unbeatable! As mentioned before, the best possible reason for you to buy and install this type of fan is that you’ll be able to reduce energy costs. Running a ceiling fan all day long only costs you a few pennies. It’s surely a smart way to save money!

Adding hugger ceiling fans can be the most noticeable one that decorates any room in your home. At, you can browse a wide variety of these types of fans in various styles, sizes and colors to find the right fan that matches your home interior decoration. After placing your order online, you should be able to accept the hugger fans in a very short period of time and get them installed. Not only the ceiling fan will help you save on your home cooling cost, but it also adds a beautiful accent to the basic ceiling.

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