May 7, 2013

High Quality Dry Ice Maker and Blasting Equipment

Dry ice is actually frozen carbon dioxide that is created by compressing carbon dioxide and chilling it. Carbon dioxide itself is the gas that we breathe out during the exhalation process and is used by plants in photosynthesis. Along with the wide variety of applications for today’s dry ice maker in the market, dry ice can be easily produced and used for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

The Ice Maker PR350H

For residential and commercial purposes, dry ice is most commonly applied for freezing and keeping things frozen. Its very cold temperature (-78.5°C) makes it easy to freeze things like food and beverages. For instance, dry ice can be used to make and package ice cream - without the use of electrical cooling equipment. 

According to the users, dry ice can really offer different benefits. When talking about the dry ice machine in industry, one of the largest mechanical uses of dry ice is blast cleaning. In this case, dry ice blasting is an innovative blasting technique that makes use of dry ice pellets -produced by a dry ice maker pelletizer- as the blasting matter. Compared to other cleaning and traditional blasting methods that apply abrasive agents such as plastic, glass and sand; dry ice blasting can provide many unmatchable advantages. While other blasting methods leave unwanted residues, dry ice blasting is eco-friendly and cost effective as well. 

You may obtain maximal functions of dry ice blasting method only if you choose and utilize the high-performance dry ice maker and dry ice blasting equipment that is offered by Ice Tech, the leader of dry ice blasting system and technology. You can visit here to browse through their products and get more information. 

The Ice Tech dry ice blasting machines have been approved effective in cleaning off various coatings in a large range of different industries. There are already lots of industry areas that employ the dry ice blasting method since it allows them to gain added benefits including reduced downtime through equipment cleaning in-place, faster and and more thorough, but non-abrasive cleaning, and also less damaging to equipment.
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