May 10, 2013

Retired Already? Change the Living Place

Congratulations – you have worked hard during all your life, now you are retired and you will have time for all your favorite things you love to do, but you have never found time for.  

          People are used to see this moment of their life as the end of something, but the truth is that it is nothing else but a new beginning. If you have been wise and have savings, you can travel and do so many interesting things with your time.

          However when you are retired, you should not consider yourself as too old for moving. It will be very refreshing change when you have spent so many years living on one place. Do not be afraid, your children will come to see you everywhere you go.

          There are many places that have been recommended for being very good and tranquil for the life of the retired people. For better or worse most of the spots mentioned are situated in Latin America. Brazil can be one country that is very good for you due to many reasons. It is a place with large territory and is very fast developing and economically growing. What will probably interest you the most will be the prices of the properties. Most of them are situated near or on the beach, which will guarantee great time and magnificent mornings. And the best part of this offer is that the prices are still affordable, which will change in the future years. And your grandchildren can spend long sunny vacations with you in your new house.

          Costa Rica is another place in the region and is the second suggestion for a destination to move to after retirement. It belongs to the same region and is also pointed as one of the fastest growing and developing areas. The economical growth is one of the aspects that may not have so big importance for you and your life, but the fact that the medical care is excellent for everybody makes it one of the best places for retired people in the world.

          In case you are living somewhere in Europe and you were never planning to travel so far in order to have nice life after the retirement, then you can move to France to stay on the same continent. It is also a country with great health care and policy and you will be amazed how many benefits you can get as you choose to retire there. The only thing you have to do is to buy personal insurance first, which will allow you access to all the best care in the country. After all France is one very beautiful country both for visit and for living.

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