May 13, 2013

Dried Sunflower Seeds

Have you ever tried dried sunflower seeds? Sunflower seeds contain rich nutrients and top among nuts in vitamin, protein and oil. Eat a handful sunflower seeds everyday is useful for your emotional stability, age and adult diseases preventing.
 Doctors say that sunflower seeds have special effect on insomnia, memory and the prevention of cancer, hypertension and heart disease. Having sunflower seed before meal stimulates your appetite and after meal promotes digestion. It is also good for pregnant women. (
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Gerald (SK14) said...

have to say I'm wary of anything that claims to be a cure-all for many things.

Luna Miranda said...

i saw a bag of sunflower seeds at my friend's table and started eating it--it was yummy. she told me later that she bought it for her birds! LOL

Unknown said...

They're really good in bread or in salads or just on their own.

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