May 30, 2013

Tips to Give your Room an Expensive Look

Home is the only place which consumes most of the time in our daily lives. It is required to maintain the looks of the rooms of a house.  The concept of home décor is based on using skills and creativity to beautify the home. Nowadays, decorating the rooms are based on themes like tropical theme, color based theme, animal prints theme and other abstract themes. Few accessories for home decoration are provided below. You can also use some handy tips for making your home look luxurious. 

Accessories for decorating your rooms:

·        Kitchen accessories:  These are utility based accessories and come in latest state-of-the-art styles. Modular kitchen ideation is the latest which uses both steel and wood based racks and shelves for storing kitchen products and dishes.                                                           
·        Chandelier and lamps: Chandelier should be used in only those rooms that have high ceiling. Mostly, crystal based chandeliers delight people.  A lamp however, is good for use in guest rooms. They come in various designs and materials.
·      Mirrors: These accessories are not compulsory. If your room is large enough to accommodate mirrors, use those that go with the theme of the rooms. Mirrors are available with metal or wooden frames.  They can also come in silver or golden or floral-pattern frames. 

Five tips to use less money for a luxurious look:

·       Using silver: Try to use silver frames and silver based accessories for decorating your room. This will add class and style to your room. Use of gold is an expensive affair but silver is a very good replacement to give your room an expensive look.
·         Vinyl use:  Carpets are nothing but burden in today’s world. Maintaining a carpet consumes a lot of time and money. Vinyl flooring is far cheaper and more attractive than carpets. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns. They can be easily cleaned and imitate materials like tiles, hardwood and marble.  
·         Flowers for decoration: The glamour associated with fresh flowers can never be replaced by plastic flowers. Use fresh flowers for decoration and you can also grow some indoor plants that bud. You must remember to maintain the plants.
·      Use of white: You must be aware that luxurious rooms are always in white. The theme of white symbolizes cleanliness and purity. Try to use accessories and furnishings in white. The walls too must be painted white. Dirt and dust are never considered wealth hallmarks.  
·         Keeping clean:  You may consider it useless but you have no idea how effective cleanliness is. Try to get rid of the unused racks, toys, posters and other useless articles. You must regularly clean your rooms with vacuum cleaners and mops to give your room that extra glaze. Keeping your newspapers and magazines organized will give you that extra point in flaunting an expensive look.

Decoration is not an easy task and requires proper idea and assessment of structure of rooms and accessories. If things do not fall in place, the entire room will look cluttered due to lack of space and proper arrangement. You can take the help of interior decorators for professional guidance.

Description: Decorating the home is one of the dynamic processes of living. The ideas related to decoration of the rooms have reached a different level altogether. Many new themes have emerged which has changed definition of home décor altogether.

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