Sep 1, 2012

Trees and Water Channel

 There’s a pond, trees, water channel and a small paddy field across from the hotel that we spent four days there. For The Weekend in Black and White,  I just shared the bare trees and water channel this time.
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AmitAag said...

A lovely capture, Lina!
-your latest follower

HansHB said...

Great post, - a lot of details in your photo!
Well done!

HansHB said...

Fotonya bagus banget. Aku suka! Keren B&W.

Monica S Engell said...

Wonderful b&w photo!

Dragonstar said...

Nice composition. I like the light and the reflections.

Carver said...

Looks like a beautiful place.

ashok said...

how lovely!

Anonymous said...

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