Sep 21, 2012

Create Your Contemporary Living Room

Say good bye to furniture that visually heavy, spacious and has dark engraved wood and richly patterned fabrics. Since many current homes are smaller in size, simple furniture that space saving is becoming more desired. As the time goes by, the forms of furniture develop to visually light and clean!

Have you ever heard of contemporary style of design interior? In a contemporary room, you’ll find many straight, ergonomic and simple lines, bold color and geometrical elements. If you prefer to innovative, clean and unique design, contemporary style can be suitable for you.

The major color in contemporary room is black, white and neutrals. If you paint the walls in a basic neutral, you can add bright and bold accessories as accentuation. Black loveseat, armchair or sofa would be a fine choice for a contemporary living room. Since less is more, you don’t need to fill any bare space with many objects.

So, why don’t you create your own contemporary living room? Let’s start by searching for the affordable contemporary furniture at DECORativ.  It’s a great way to add contemporary touch to your living room without spending a fortune.  As an invitation only shopping community, allows you to enjoy contemporary fixtures at 40%-70% off retail prices.  Don’t miss to explore their Featured Products and daily limited offer flash sales; it’s the greatest way to save more!
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