Sep 21, 2012

How You Can Sleep Well on Your Mattress

Sleep is an essential function for health maintenance. When sleep quality suffers, it leaves you drained of energy, unfocused and stressed out. Even minor tasks can feel monumental and excessive caffeine may be the only thing keeping you from falling asleep on the job. If this sounds like a day in your life, your mattress may be part of the problem. You have many options when it comes to getting a good night's rest, so don't settle for any more miserable days and fruitless nights. Here are some of the ways you can sleep well on your mattress.

Buy a New Mattress:
When you start having trouble sleeping peacefully at night, which usually means it's time for a new mattress. Old mattresses sag and leave you with no support, which can cause you to wake feeling sore an un-refreshed. The springs may also cause a lumpy surface due to the worn out padding. Many people are switching to memory foam mattresses because of their full-body support and lack of springs. There are various online shops like where you can buy a new mattress of your choice.

Try a Firmer Mattress:
Another cause of fitful sleep is a mattress that's too soft. While soft surfaces may be comfortable temporarily, they offer little support for your spine and hips. Sleeping on a firm surface offers ample support and also strengthens the muscles of the lower back. Many people even find that the firmer their bed is, the deeper they sleep. If you want to have the ultimate in mattress firmness, ditch the traditional one and go for a Japanese futon floor mattress. It takes some getting used to, but you may never want to sleep in a regular bed again.

Body Pillow:

When you just can't seem to get into a comfortable sleeping position, using a body pillow can help. Pregnant women and people with circulation or joint issues may particularly appreciate the additional support they provide. You can buy body pillows in a variety of sizes ranging from full-length to just long enough to support your torso.
Try a Mattress Pad:
If your mattress isn't giving you enough support but you don't want to spend money on a new one, mattress pads are an economical remedy to the problem. The pad can be simple pillow cotton padding or a thick foam eggshell pad. To use the pad, spread it out your bed and place your sheets over it. If you use a fitted sheet on your bed, it may take some effort to get it over the pad.

Enter a Sleepy State:

When you're not feeling receptive to sleep, even the mildest discomforts and distractions can keep you awake. When bedtime approaches, take steps to ensure that you're in a relaxed state. One good way to do this is by taking a hot bath. Soaking in the soothing water for bit has been scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and stay asleep longer. Reading is also a recommended activity which can ease you to sleep without you even knowing it. As a bonus, reading before bed is associated with enhanced dreams.

Dust Mites:
Do you ever notice that you begin to itch a lot or suffer allergy symptoms when you lie in bed at night? Your mattress is likely filled with dust mites, especially if you haven't protected it with a plastic cover. Dust mites live in your mattress and feast on your dead skin flakes. Every time you move you send invisible clouds of mites, their faces and shed skin onto the air where they can cause allergies and make you itch. To eliminate the problem, you should have your mattress professionally cleaned.


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