Sep 23, 2012

Choose the Most Suitable Laser Level for Accurate Measurements


Now imagine yourself standing on a couch with hammer and nail in one hand and a levelling scale in another. This seems to be a very tough situation as the level scale in your open hand will not let you to fix the nail properly, and thus you will need an extra hand, which you don’t have or call for another help. This is a common scenario in houses and offices where people try to decorate their homes or workplaces with different hangings and pictures from time to time. It is not possible to call a tradesman every time for small things that can be done ourselves.

What if you get self-levelling tool that will hold itself against the wall, and you could use both of your hands to fix the nail with the hammer? To make this scenario a reality you will need a laser level in your toolkit. Now, what exactly does a laser level do ?

A laser level is used by many professionals to project a visible straight line on the wall or floor. This tool is widely used in specific industries such as construction, civil engineering, cabinetry etc. for various purposes like grading, surveying lands and so on. Some of the popular laser level tools include DW088K Self-Levelling Cross-line Laser and many more that are preferably used by professionals for construction and surveying tasks. As far as household tasks are concerned, a tripod laser level that mounts on a wall is ideal for DIY projects like wallpaper fixing, picture hanging, putting up tiles on the walls, installing kitchen shelves etc. As the technology has advanced over the years, self-levelling laser units have become popular among people as they provide greater degree of accuracy.

However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind while choosing laser level tools. In this article, we will discuss a few basic points that will help you choose the right tool.

     You must consider the nature of the job that you want to perform. It can be anything from a home improvement project to professional framing. Different jobs will have different levelling requirements. An indoor job can be done with a single or multiple line laser level. These are useful for those work which require high degree of accuracy, like installation of cabinetry. On the other hand, outdoor jobs can be done with the help of self-leveling laser level tools. They are relatively expensive but can save a lot of your time and efforts.

     Durability and stability should be your other consideration while picking a laser level tool. A manual laser level will be cost-effective, but may not last long for outdoor activities as compared to self-levelling laser tool. Also, make sure you buy the product of a top brand for safety standards and replacement warranty. You can try out DW088K Self-Levelling Cross-line Laser from Dewalt for good quality and brand value.

     Battery life and beam light should not be overlooked while making the purchase. A long battery life and highly visible beam should be your topmost priority when buying a laser level tool. A high beam light will be majorly required for outdoor activities during the day time.
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