Sep 25, 2012

Different Varieties of Strawberry Plants You Can Grow in Your Garden

Everybody is fond of eating strawberries for their sweet and refreshing taste. They are considered to be the best summer fruit and a great source of Vitamin C.  Strawberries also contain antioxidants and essential nutrients that boost the immune system of the body and protect the body cells from diseases. These are used in a versatile way such as desserts, smoothies and snacks.

If you are looking forward to grow strawberry plants in the backyard of your home this coming summer season and do not really know how to go about it, then keep on reading ahead and you will get all your queries solved. 

You can easily grow strawberry plants in a garden or patio. Find a plant and nursery or any website on the internet where you can find seedlings of the plant at affordable prices. There a lot of reliable websites that only provide good quality plant seeds at great value, but also expert guidance free of cost to help you achieve your desire efficiently. It is always better and infact, must for the gardener to know all the aspects of growing a plant such as harvesting time, environmental requirement, place to plant, time to plant and other essential elements, before beginning the process.

Complete guide how to grow strawberry

Also, you must be aware of the varieties of Strawberry plants and choose the one that you find most appealing and tasteful. Some of the known varieties of strawberry plants are Strawberry Sonata,, Strawberry Korona, White Strawberry (pineberry), Strawberry Flamenco, Strawberry Calypso, Strawberry Mount Everest, Strawberry Florence, Strawberry Albion, Strawberry Cambridge Favourite, Strawberry Mara De Bois, Strawberry Delia, Strawberry Honeoye and many more. All these are most popular and highly consumed varieties of strawberries. They need full sun and partial shade to grow well. Some of these varieties grow only  in the month of June and July whereas other grow throughout the year. All the varieties of strawberries are classified under different categories and harvested and sown on the basis of it. Let’s find out more about these categories.

June-bearer Strawberry: These are the most common type of strawberries that are generally harvested in the month of june-july. Due to the high production yield, June-bearer strawberries are one of the most widely consumed variety of all. Some of them are Bruncwick, Cabot, Earliglow, Kent and so on

Everbearing Strawberries: This variety of strawberries grow well during the spring and last months of the summer. However, if you will try to grow them in other seasons of the years, they may not do well. The growth of overbearing strawberries majorly depends upon length of daylight. Some of them are; Eros, Clandy, Allstor, Pineberry and so on.


Day-neutral Strawberries: This growth of this variety of strawberries does not depend on the length of the daylight and hence, they do well in cooler months also. The period of growing day-neutral strawberries ranges from June-September, and if needed it can be extended during the winters as well for better harvesting. Some of them are; Seascape, Everest, Tribute and so on.

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