Sep 21, 2012

Deregulation of Energy Suppliers and How to Find the Cheapest Alternative

On an average, the cost of energy may differ from one place to the other. In the UK, the high cost of living forced the companies to actually jack up their prices when it comes to the energy they provide. According to statistics, the cost of electricity per Kilowatt Hour is around £12.5. This is for the domestic use. However, it will still differ with the commercial rates. For small homes, they could get away with £6.5 per kWh depending on the provider of the electricity. The thing with the UK market for electricity is the fact that it has been deregulated. Simply put, you have the choice where to go.

Finding the cheapest sources of gas and electricity is now possible with the help of the different providers available in the area. When you have the aid of different suppliers, this prevents monopoly. Monopoly is the main reason why a private enterprise could go and dictate its price without any contention from anyone. In this type of scenario, only the consumers are at the losing end of the deal. Fortunately, there are a number of UK based energy suppliers that emerged in the market.

The best way to compare their prices is by going online and reading reviews and many other information about them. However, you have to notice that some sites online can only provide you with the average nationwide energy price. Simply put, you may not get the idea on what company can offer the most expensive and the cheapest energy.

The “Big Six” in Britain are probably bringing the cheapest energy on many households. Though this is their press release, you have to keep in mind that the prices they post are probably misleading as it also depends on where you live and how much energy you consume.

If you are finding a difficult time to cut the bills with the use of suppliers, you may want to take the alternative of installing solar panels. Though it looks attractive at first glance, you have to keep in mind that it takes a lot of money in order to get this working. From the batteries to the solar panels itself, you will need to make sure that you at least have £15,000. For the average earning individual, this is not a good investment without the help of government agencies.

Part of the reason why you will need to really rely on the help of energy providers is that they have the resources and the technical proficiency to get the job done. Looking into blogs and even the news can be a good thing especially if you are seriously looking forward to more savings on your electricity and gas bills.

Over the years, two companies have provided UK with the best options in terms of energy consumption. Both OVO Energy and with First Utility have made it possible for the homes to have a cheaper solution. This means that they don’t need to spend a great amount of cash just to be comfortable during the cold season.
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