Sep 19, 2012

Choose the Best Shower Enclosures from Trade Plumbing

Shower enclosures are one of the most useful fixtures in remodelling a bathroom. They brighten up a small bathroom and give a luxurious touch. The type of door used for the entrance to the enclosure can be adapted to practical needs, style, or to provide a focal point in the bathroom.

Shower enclosures at the lower end of the price range are usually have highly polished chrome or white finish frames. Semi-framed or frameless enclosures are easier to clean and give a feeling of luxury and space. Curved or straight side panels come in acrylic materials, clear or smoked safety glass.


A quadrant shower enclosure can fit into the corner of a bathroom and save valuable space. These make ideal showers for en suite or guest bathrooms where they can look elegant but not take up as much space as a bath tub. The standard quadrant shower enclosure has a curved outer shape made of toughened safety glass. Sliding doors give an easy access and are easy to clean. Pivot and hinged doors are also available.

An offset quadrant shower enclosure has an asymmetrical design that offers a larger showering space. Some of the more upmarket models are made of 8 mm toughened safety glass with concealed fixings and translucent seals. Chrome magnetic strips ensure that the doors shut completely.

At the top price ranges, some of these enclosures can be adapted into steam cabins that are excellent for muscle relaxation. Fittings can include six separate body jets, a steam generator and a radio and speaker with USB connections for an MP3 player.

Walk In

Walk in shower enclosures fromTrade Plumbing can be a stunning feature in a large bathroom whether as an addition to a bath tub or a replacement for it. Square or oblong enclosures are the most common shapes. A curved shape is the best type to blend in with the bathroom area. The design can offer a left or right hand entry depending on the bathroom shape and plumbing needs.

As there are no doors in some walk in shower designs, the enclosure's location in the bathroom has to be planned carefully. The surrounding walls and floors should be sealed efficiently and tested. Larger sized designs provide for separate shower and drying areas, the latter with bamboo or other types of wooden footboard. Some of the enclosures have frameless pivot doors.


Drainage can be one of the greatest problems with showers. Not only is there the constant issue of hair clogging the pipes, drains located under the bathroom floor can be difficult to clean. So the installation of a shower waste disposal system should be designed to ensure ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Shower trays can be quadrant, square, oblong, curved and D-shaped. They can be quite versatile and installed above floor level with a straightforward plumbing kit. This avoids the need to dislodge the bathroom floor. The trays come with waste chrome domes that are 50 mm or 90 mm in diameter. The high flow 90 mm dome comes complete with an offset elbow. A flexible waste disposal pipe eases installation and maintenance.

Shower enclosures can give a fresh and luxurious look to any bathroom. They are available in various shapes and colors and can fit into any bathroom, whether they replace the bath tub or complement it.


Shirley Jones writes regularly on shower and bathroom design for a wide range of websites and blogs. For more information about shower enclosures from Trade Plumbing visit the website and see the full product range.
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