Sep 28, 2012

Environmentally Conscious Joinery – Making Wooden Furnishings and Fittings Sustainably

Wood, a natural resource is a basic component of joinery. These days companies involved in joining and carpentry are including environmental programme in place. Sustainable joinery is about sustainable supply. The first step here is finding suppliers whose own environmental policies ensure that your wood is not impacting in an adverse way on the environment.

Organisations like Forests Forever ensure that trees are planted to replace the trees felled for the industry. As such material sourcing is the key. Whenever wood and materials are sourced from more than one country, as is often the case with joinery and carpentry, it is important then to make sure that the suppliers in each country operates within the laws of that country.

The Forest Stewardship Council or FSC is a key body in this area. The FSC independently inspects any forest from where timber is taken and certifies the forest as being sustainably managed. This certifies the wood an accreditation increasingly required by many customers, which in turn has made the industry itself still more environmentally conscious.

Higher end joinery companies make serious efforts, at the very least, to match the legal requirements in all countries from which they source their timber. In actual fact many of the best respected joinery companies in the UK are making an effort to surpass the legal requirements for sustainable sourcing and forestry. These companies ensure that the whole level of industry is steadily focussing on growing sustainable sourcing.

It’s important to note that timber and wood products are themselves very energy efficient. Properly sourced, they require very little in the way of energy to prepare and are extremely thermally efficient when they are installed.

Good quality joinery also has another sustainable facet to it. By using properly treated and prepared wood, which rejects moisture and retains its strength for decades, if not longer, customers are able to have installations done only once, rather than having it repeatedly. Properly prepared and assembled joinery will last for a lifetime meaning that replacement materials should rarely be required. An industry that builds to last, rather than building to be replaced in a few years, is an industry that truly understands the concept of sustainability.

Wood is a beautiful substance to look at. With the environmental governance of bodies like the FSC controlling the industry, it’s once again possible to look at a new joinery installation and feel that it is as harmonious with the environment as it appears to be.

Modern joining and carpentry is often used in conservatories, orangeries and other add-ons to existing homes. Using exposed timberwork and modern glass you can design and build a structure of great beauty with an element of tradition combined with a more modern feel thanks to the glazing. Timberwork also forms the basis for roof lanterns, which are a wonderful way to allow natural light into a previously dim space and can make glorious talking points in their own right, while providing dramatic views of the sky at day and night.

Modern joinery is as environmentally conscious as it is long lasting. Thus, a perfect combination of beauty and reliability.

Author Bio:
The above article is composed and edited by Irene Simpson. She is associated with many Home and Garden communities as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to orangery, joinery, conservatory designs and many more.

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