Sep 1, 2012

How to Improve Your Health by Using Manual Height Adjustable Table

Do you know that too long sitting every day is killing you? I’ve ever heard about it before but I admit here that I still didn’t pay attention on it until I read seriously related articles recently. It turns out that being inactive like sitting at most of the time in your day makes you prone to various health problems –even some of them are life-taking diseases. Neck pain, back pain, Carpel Tunnel syndrome, obesity, heart disease, cancers are only some of possible sickness that may threaten you!

This shocking fact must open our eyes. The study conducted for 13 years on 17,000 people confirmed a result stated that persons who sit on chairs most of the time in a day are 54% more probable to die from heart attack. Don’t you think 54% is a high risk indeed? If your daily and routine activities force you to sit for hours per day, what can you do to recover your health?

One effective thing that you can do is developing a standing working habit by using the ModTable, a manual height adjustable table that will help you to standing work  in maximum comfort and convenient. The new healthy habit that you gradually build will be advantageous for the rest of your life -mentally and physically. With the help of the high quality, long lasting and stylish height adjustable table, imagine how many health problems that you can avoid and the higher chance to enjoy more productive and healthier life!
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