Dec 24, 2011

Seeing through the Window

Thinker, my niece's cat, doesn't allowed to go outside. But when she's at school, once in a while, I let the cat out and kept my eyes open to ensure that she only played in the front yard.

The Weekend in Black and White

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Laura said...

Such a beautiful photo Lina. I love the cat's name "Thinker"...that's purrfect!

Dragonstar said...

Cats and sun always go together. I think LauraX has made the ideal comment!

genie said...

Our ten year old cat does not go out of the house at all. He does not even go neat the door when it is open. I really think is afraid of what all is out there. This shot is a warm fuzzie one. Kittly looks very content in black and white. genie

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