Dec 23, 2011

5 Benefits of a Clean Bedroom

Remember when mum told you to clean your bedroom? As a kid, you probably didn’t care about the messy bed linen, the clothes all over the floor and the toys lying around. However, as adults, most of us develop a sense of cleanliness that we wouldn’t have believed as teenagers.

If you’re having trouble convincing yourself (and your kids) to clean up your bedroom at least once in a while, here are five reasons why a clean bedroom is actually helpful for your mood and daily activities.

Less clutter means less stress

Let’s admit it: clutter is kind of stressful. In certain cases it denotes a cluttered, unfocused mind; most times it’s just because we don’t have time. But less clutter means less distractions and visual stress. Don’t you find the pile of things on your nightstand or the jumble of shoes in your closet a bit distressing? A sense of order in your environment will also promote a sense of order in your mind.

A clean bedroom is more appealing

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the day and let ourselves go to sleep calmly. Some of us even avoid our bedrooms because it’s not exactly relaxing and we’d rather sleep on the couch. But a clean bedroom will entice you to go spend some relaxing time there with a good book or with your partner.

A clean bedroom is easier to keep clean
If you always wait until you have a mountain of things to clean, it always seems worse and takes much, much longer. By cleaning regularly, not only do you reduce the time required to clean up, but you also reduce the stress related to cleaning. An empty (or near-empty) room is easier to vacuum or sweep than one that’s littered with things.

A clean bedroom helps with emotional stress
Why do people clutter their space? It’s usually a safety net—and hoarders are an extreme example of people whose emotions run over into their environments. By cleaning your room, not only are you ensuring a relaxing environment, but you’re also working through the negative emotions that push you to clutter. By getting rid of old objects or by putting them in order, we’re also ordering our hearts and our minds. It might feel distressing at first (ask any hoarder to get rid of their things and they’ll have a panic attack), but the relief after is extremely rewarding.

A clean bedroom makes everything easier to find
Some people argue that they find order in their clutter. But ask them to find something quickly, and they will fumble around forever. Having a clean room also means that you can find what you need quickly, which reduces the time that you spend looking for that white shirt or that special pair of shoes.

And while you’re cleaning your room, why not add a nice accent with some flowers or decorative cushions? Your now clutter-free room will enhance decorative touches much better than a room filled with useless things.

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