Dec 25, 2011

How to Decorate Walls of Your Home?

The best part about decorating your home is that you need not be a professional home interior designer to decorate your home beautifully. All you would need is dedication, aesthetic sense, willingness and skills to do so. If you have that creative instinct inside you, let your home reflect that. A beautiful home is a true reflection of your own personality. Let the walls speak about your aesthetic taste and creative mind.

Well painted walls do not always add color, charm and your own decorating style to your home without painting the walls. A wall decoration project comprises of things like proportion, balance, scale, texture, variety, color, size and the list is long. Here are a few ways to beautify your home with decorating ideas that are a bit off the wall!

Arrange for a gallery wall:
Locate some focal point sand learn about dimensions before venturing out on wall decoration of your home. Draw a rough plan on a piece of paper before actually starting with the decorating. Put some photo frames on one wall of your living room and you will create a beautiful gallery wall. Measure the distance between the art piece, so that there is equal spacing between them. Select one picture that would serve as the gallery's main attraction. You can also hang some frames without pictures as this form of decoration is in vogue.

Photo collage
You can get more creative while decorating the walls of your personal room. Buy a wall-safe tape and start slapping your collection of photos on the wall of your room. But make sure to paste them in a sequence. Start from your childhood photos and then add photos of kindergarten and then high school, college, your wedding photos and go on further.

Contemporary wall art
Though wall art lack realism and meaning, these do not lack style. The beholder can always come up with his or her own meanings of the wall art. It is the best and the most dramatic way to express your style and character, which makes your home a true reflection of what you are.

Oil paintings:

Living room wall must be ornamented with an oil painting. Choose a painting carefully for your living room, as it is the best way to add grandeur to your living room. You can always seek service from a professional handyman london for hanging these paintings.

You can buy a full-length mirror for your room, as it will bring more light into the room. You can decorate the borders with paint pens. Removable wall graphics are also one of the many ways to decorate the walls of your living room, dining area and lobby. You can built floating wall shelves or bookcases to add vertical appeal to your walls. This not only enhances beauty of your living space but also acts as an extra storage space.
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