Dec 11, 2011

How to Plan a Holiday on a Budget

Wanting to spend some time away but worried you don’t have the budget for it, or have no clue where you want (or can afford) to go?

Why not take a different approach to the usual holiday planning: rather than trying to think of places where you could go, why not think about the people you know who live in different cities?

Going to visit friends and family, or even house swapping for as little a time as a weekend or for months on end, can be a great way to enjoy a holiday but at an affordable price.

1. Enlist the help of family and friends.
The best way to find an affordable and enjoyable destination on a budget is to ask around family and friends.

You never know who might have the perfect holiday house or who can rent out their vacation home to you at an affordable price. Finding somewhere not too far from your home but by the beach, or in a remote area with a variety of activities to keep you occupied – for example, entertaining
pool supplies, maybe a spa and sauna – could turn out to be better than any resort you might choose to go to.

2. Make the most of long weekends.
To keep the costs down, why not add on a few extra days holiday to a long weekend? You won’t have to take too many days off work, meaning it might be more likely to get the holiday approved, and you won’t have to use up too much of your annual leave.

The only downside to this is that many people have the same idea, making holiday traffic and prices for holiday homes at these times typically more expensive.

However, if you plan ahead and can find a great deal or a friend who can help you out, then this is the perfect way to enjoy a holiday. You won’t have to feel guilty about the cost or the time spent away from work.

3. House Swap.
If your home is comfortable, in a great location, or has a beautiful backyard with
garden fencing so you can enjoy summer nights outdoors in peaceful privacy – why not house swap with some friends who live in a different city?

If you don’t have friends who would be interested, then anyone who comes recommended by someone you trust could be an option. They are entrusting you with their home in exchange, and you both get to enjoy a holiday without having to pay anything for accommodation. It’s a perfect solution to your lack of holiday budget!

4. Do you even need to go out of town?
If heading out of town and the price of accommodation is what is limiting your vacation plans, why not stay where you are but behave as if you were on holiday?

Plan a week where you check out your home city’s attractions, and see for yourself why they always seem to be so popular with visitors. Spend the evenings trying out restaurants you’ve always wanted to try, the days exploring new areas in your town. You’ll be surprised at how relaxing and how effortlessly fun a holiday in your own home can be.

5. Act as the locals do.
However, if you really do feel like you need a change of scenery, there’s a way to afford this on a limited budget too!

Resign yourself to spending what you have to on accommodation in your dream destination, but limit the amount of touristy (and therefore, expensive) things you choose to do. Behave like a local!

Walk around your new location, choose accommodation where you can cook your own meals, check out online local deals, and explore your holiday destination in a more simple way. Often a town’s best attractions are those you don’t pay for.

Finding the money for a holiday is easy if you just know how to budget for it appropriately. The tips above will mean you can soon be enjoying some time off sooner than you ever thought possible. Enjoy it!
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Kids Wall Stickers said...

Thanks for these cool tips. As you mentioned I would suggested visiting awesome places locally which might be fun than travelling far. If there are no places locally then you can simply travel a little bit far. Anyway these are very useful.

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