Dec 20, 2011

Organising a Cost Saving Weekend Party at Your Home Itself

A question (this goes out to the gents and the ladies alike): what is the point of a weekend party? The answer – it’s for celebrating your oldest and best friendships before you get married. So why spend a fortune trying to live it up some place you have never been before (and which is normally full of hundreds of other stag do and hen parties, all acting up and spoiling the mood)? The best and cheapest weekend parties happen at home.

Here are the advantages:

1: It’s your house, so you don’t have to spend any money on travel or accommodation. Even friends coming from out of town only have to find the cost of fuel or a train ticket.

2: You’re not tied to any itinerary other than the one you set for yourselves. You can get up when you like, eat when you like and drink what you like.

3: You can hang out with your oldest and best friends in a familiar environment, reminisce, let it all hang out – and then stagger up to bed without having to worry about getting lost!

So how do you arrange a good one? Bear in mind that even a party at home needs to be organised, to make sure that it is all going smoothly.

The first thing you need, of course, is food and drink. I’d advise starting the weekend with a Friday evening meal, something informal with a few drinks. The best kind of food for these occasions is stuff you can cook together and pick at, at will, without having to necessarily do a big sit down thing. Pizza, fajitas, curry, buffet food – all of these are good.

Keep Friday light, a few bottles of wine maybe and some music while you all catch up. Then arrange to meet back on the Saturday (if your house is too small to sleep everyone) or just wake up (if it’s big enough) when you want.

At this point you probably want to go out somewhere, unless you live in a mansion with plenty of entertainment possibilities. I’d suggest either taking a few things to the local park - a picnic lunch, some wine and beer, and maybe a Frisbee or a few board games), or going for a long walk. Depends where you live of course. You will know what the best things to do for a chilled Saturday afternoon are. If you can’t think of anything, find a nice pub or a good outdoor location and do a quiz. You can find plenty of questions online.

Saturday night is the main event. Your choice here is between eating in and staying in, or eating in and going out. I would recommend, again, buffet style food and plenty of wine and music – then you can all go out if you want to, or stay in and chat and party if you feel like it. If you do go out, make sure everyone knows how to get home and don’t let anyone go off on their own – this is your weekend for togetherness.

Sunday is all about a slow breakfast and seeing everyone off on their various ways home. If you’ve had a really good weekend (and you will have!) then the rest of the day is for you. Put your feet up, drink tea (or finish the wine!) and watch old movies on DVD. Come Monday, you’ll have had the best weekend party ever and won’t have broken the bank.
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